Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weiner of cheeses.

Time : 9:11pm

Location : kitchen counter, I really like it here. I think it is good for my posture, not that I have bad posture at all. I actually think I have rather good posture.

Weather : I feel cold. It really is not that cold though, I am just tired.

Ok, now I remember that the actual blog part belongs down here..

On the topic of me being oddly cold, it just so happens to run into my first topic.

The only logical reason for me being cold is because I feel like it is after midnight. I am so tired. I had the worst sleep last night. For no reason at all I could not fall asleep for the life of me. I think I eventually fell asleep some time after 2:30am. Ugggghhh… To make it worse, when I woke up I just knew it was going to be a day when I needed a nap. I hate waking up to that, makes me feel like I just had an unproductive X number of hours laying in bed sleeping. Like I just did a really bad job of sleeping. I just found myself oddly interesting now that I examine that thought…

However, instead of returning to my bed for a nice nap, which really would not have helped, I went for a run. Apart from discovering some shin splints (yes, I am slowly falling apart, limb by limb) it was a fairly good run. I was aiming for it to be really fast and intense but well, there is only so much you can do with shin splints. I made the most of it.

That super intense fog was back. It must have rained last night (fog + random puddles = rain?). I really need to take a photo of it. Maybe tomorrow morning I will go on a walk, if I am not too tired.

Actually, I did go on a mini walk today. First to the post office, then I took the long way home. Nothing cool happened or crossed my mind. I did step on a dead bat though. I had no idea what it was. At first I thought it was just a pine cone of sorts (living on a different continent I never know what I am going to find) then I nudged it with my toe and I saw outline of the head that was all just, ugh. The fact that I was able to distinguish it as a bat was incredible. I will leave it at that. Ew.

First real day of my FSI (Semi Intense French) class today! Turns out I am in Group 3, which is the Advanced group. Just sayin’. I was actually kind of surprised, but hey, all that means is I can improve!

There are five other people in my group; two other au-pair girls and three older women. There is Oona (Finland) who has already been here for five months, one of the au-pairs. The other one is also an Anna (Russia) and is fairly quiet. Then there is Anne-Marie (Sweden) who moved here for a year, maybe more, to get her photography company going. Lisa (San Francisco) moved here a couple years ago to start a decorating company and just takes classes to help her French. The last woman’s name starts with an S and is a Persian name, but her family background is Indian, and she grew up in Tanzania but is now from Sweden. I can’t believe I remembered all that.

We pretty much just chatted the whole class, while of course actually performing in a discussion that was lead by our teacher who’s name has slipped my mind. It was pretty fun actually. Everyone is rather friendly and I think it will be a good time for the next 12 weeks.

I’ll take a photo of the school when there it is not so gloomy out.

On the bus ride home, I had an incredible déjà vu like experience. It was awesome.

First of all, there was this girl who looked really familiar trying to stay standing beside me as our crazy driver drove. Then I saw she was holding the exact same FSI binder that I had gotten yesterday at the info meeting. I took a chance and asked her if she goes to IS (well, I already knew she did, the binder tipped me off). Turns out her French isn’t that good, and so we started chatting in English. She is also at IS, but is in Group 1. She just arrived here to work as an au-pair and is from Estonia. Now this is where it gets oddly similar to an event that occurred to me nearly two years ago to the day (oh my, that is WEIRD). Not only do we have the same binder, are in the same program, but, we have the same bus route AND LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN!! This is so crazy. Evelyn (that’s her name) and I, I hope, will become good friends. We pretty much live on the same block (I mean Luynes is about that big).

So, the post school day went as normal, no need to explain.

Today was AWESOME.


So, some of you may have heard that the French (some) consider it a ‘punishment’ to eat cheddar. Coming from where I do, my goodness, I am crazy for the stuff! So, what’s the deal? Well, did you know that cheddar is not a natural cheese? The natural cheeses are made from milk and have bacteria added. Cheddar is just all the rests, like rinds, throw in some coloring and some spices, melt it, and then you get those wonderful bricks of cheddar. It is processed cheese, like cream cheese. So, when you come from a country over flowing with all kinds of natural cheeses, why would you want to eat something so processed? Keep in mind there are people who like it, most people like Laughing Cow cheeses. Cheddar is kind of like the hotdog of cheeses; really tasty, but there’s a little bit of everything in it and you may not be quite sure what that everything is.



  1. I Love Cheddar and now I'm a bit scared to eat it!!! Is the white cheddar just as bad? I need to know as I can not continue consuming "thrown" together cheese!lol

  2. well, if it is white cheddar, (cheddar) i would assume so?
    I really dont know.. if your white cheddar happens to be mozzarella, mozzarella is a natural cheese (i asked) haha

  3. Whoooooole new perspective on cheese, my dear friend. I'm quitting cheddar here and now! .................... maybe that's a lie. But if I get a choice, I'll choose a different kind. Thanks for the enlightenment :)

    Also, have you noticed that alot of your wonderful relationships with people have been cultivated on busses? You and I def spent a LOT of time on busses in our day, listening to Rise Against on whatever adventure we might have been on at the time. Not to mention evesdropping on Surround Sound on the school bus. Plus, I def caught the Miget reference, and look how well that encounter turned out! Also, that Fruit-To-Go kid on your band trip? Man, busses are SIGNIFICANT. I don't understand why the Slugman refuses to step foot on one..

  4. I forgot about the Fruit-to-go kid..that one really was an odd happenning looking back.
    Maybe I just spend too much time on busses. That could be the reason?
    What was that song that was split between the ear phones? You heard one half of it (i think the better half) and I got the not so good half haha, i think it was some beatles song?
    somehow I am not surprised about the slugman..not one bit. haha

  5. FYI: Canadian cheddar is a real cheese. Google our cheese industry and find out. Canada makes some of the best cheddar in the world. It is not processed cheese. Keep loving the goodness :)

  6. I am really going to have to research that.
    Just gimme a week or so. haha