Tuesday, January 11, 2011

not much.

Time : 9:53 pm

Location : my spot on the couch

Weather : post-rainy day weather

I woke up to a nasty surprise on my foot this morning, but I won’t go into details. So uh, yeah.. No running for me today, which made me not too pleased. It was also incredibly painful to walk, so I was super sedentary for the majority of the day.

I knew it was going to be cold today. I knew right from last night. Mainly from the fact that I slept with my sweats on all night, and sure enough, when I went out to the car this morning, a nice thick layer of ice on the windows. All that lovely fog from yesterday made for a good time scraping. I will tell ya, these French window scrapers just aren’t the same as our Canadian ones. I may have broken it while scraping a little too enthusiastically. I was not impressed. Our dollar store scrapers could out do this likely five or seven euro scraper. Plus it was an ugly bright pink. I mean, that is handy if you’re afraid of losing it in the snow, but well, do we have snow here? No. Pink scrapers are unnecessary.

if only Jenny knew..
I took it really easy in the morning watched Across the Universe while soaking my foot in salt water. Then I went through all my bank papers. Unfortunately that last task took me well over an hour. Mixed with the rainy day we were having I was not getting the best vibes for the day.

I was actually half pleased to hobble to the car so I could go and buy some baguettes.

I didn’t really do much else for the rest of the afternoon either. Time just slid by, just like the raindrops on the windows.

I have no idea why it rains so much here.

The afterschool into the evening right into the Now time was pretty much the same as the rest of my day. It all just kind of happened and is now over. What day eh?

Something fairly exciting did happen when Marie-Anne came home and emptied the mailbox. I got a parcel!

It was so much more than a parcel! It was a Christmas present! All yellow and tied with red ribbon! Lovely! And the binoculars I got inside will be used all the time when I go out on my walks now! I am more than excited for my foot to heal up and for the weather to improve.

I forgot to check and see if it was sent my land or air. Apparently if you send your mail by land, it ends up taking a boat over the ocean. Which I find absolutely stupid. Why would you even offer to send mail over the ocean? Mail is supposed to Get There. Not chill on a boat for a couple weeks, get some sun. Those are things I am supposed to do. Not my mail.

Well, as you can see I had an absolutely thrilling day. Just as this is a thrilling entry.

10:23 pm


  1. Would you like me to make you a MAIZE poultice for that? (Grownups)

    Did your parcel come from B.C.?

  2. Oh,and rain? You are close to the Mediterranean coast.

  3. Awe, sounds like a bit of a down day.
    But I have a plan to cheer you up:
    Dave said he'd join us for that skype party :)
    So now it won't just be us, sitting at home alone in our respective houses, just chillen. Ya know?
    Or at least I won't be alone.
    And Dave will keep us entertained :)
    Maybe we'll even sip a crazy blended beverage..
    or maybe you'll get a cake in teh mail
    Who knows?
    (Transatlantic cake.. mm)

  4. PS: Don't worry, I'll send it via airmail

  5. no parcel from BC
    i havent seen Grown Ups haha
    Should have thought about the coast..
    Transatlantic cake and a skype session with dave sounds awesome.
    We can all eat cake together.. or cookies! haha
    i am way looking forward to the future!