Saturday, January 8, 2011

call it what you like.

Time : 11:07 pm

Location : my bed, not snuggied though

Weather : ridiculously nice… 14 degrees all day

my what orange yolks you have

I felt absolutely gross this morning when I woke up at 11am. Anyone that I talked to today knows this. I had an average amount of sleep, waking up at 11am does not by any means mean that I am over rested. I just did not like the fact that it was 11am and I was waking up.

all the better to yolk you with!
yeah, I don't know either..
Therefore I went for a run. My first run in almost a month. It kind of felt like it was at least. I didn’t go anywhere new. Just the same old trail through the hills and then past Narnia to town again. Feeling out of shape I spent a lot of my mind’s efforts working on my stride and keeping a good pace. This did not leave much energy for my mind to wander about and pick up things for you to read about.

Batter up!
I am on a roll!
I did think of one thing though; gas stations. This is a joint thought from my travels while I was in Hamburg. I noticed that in the cities, mainly down town areas where us tourist folk tend to be found, gas stations are not found. You would think that a huge city full of cars would need gas stations to fuel the cars. If you think again though, you would notice that people who live in the city, the deep city, probably take the train, the metro, S-Bahn, whatever, instead of the car to work, or to the store, or even just ‘out’; rendering gas stations with pitiful sales and thus no market. This is why gas stations are on the side of the road and outside of towns. Because everyone knows the only time you really need gas, is right in the middle of no where. Way to go Europe, you finally got something right.

Back to my day.

Marie-Anne had a friend over for lunch. Since it was such a lovely day, we dined outside in the full sunshine. She couldn’t have asked me a better question today too : Have you ever eaten outside on the 8th of January with short sleeves? Well, now I have. But have you? Needless to say, the other two were wearing sweaters.
short muffins.

After lunch I enjoyed some Sudoku time. I am very addicted to Sudoku. Just a little something I picked up on the trains and have not been able to put down. It may be because of every four games, there is one that I can not get. Those other three solve perfectly, and I never know when I will fail. A rather depressing thing to look forward to, but yet I am still so addicted.

Maybe in years to come once I have become extremely worldly and wise, and full of trivia (but not trivial, ha ha) I will also be a crossword master. Just like my Grandma Dawson. That would be cool.

we all know the crispy parts are
The Best Parts
A friend gave me the idea to bake some chocolate muffins today. You can probably tell from the photos that they did not turn out exactly as I wanted, so if anyone asks, they’re brownies. Why did this occur (again, I have had numerous incidents involving baking brownies in the past year or so that did not go as planned)?

Well, Nesquick is not a replacement for cocoa powder. Baking powder is hard to replace. Although apparently the thing I found that looked like yeast and tasted like baking soda was indeed baking powder (yeah I used it anyway), but I don’t think I used enough of it then. The batter was insanely thick so I kept adding milk to thin it out a bit so I would not have brick muffins, which was ok because enough Google results recommended it.

Plus, I can never decide if I should bake them longer and just deal with a super crispy top layer, or if I should just go for the goo. To make this task harder, I could not find any tooth picks in the house. I contemplated shaving a chopstick down, but that would have taken too much time, so I just improvised with a clean bobby pin.

Apparently the muffin-brownies were a hit. I rock. Time to drop the subject.
this is not a brownie.

I spent a very solid chunk of my day chatting and skyping with my family. Not much to say on the topic, I mean, we spent how many hours talking already? But it was nice to talk to everyone. Although I think I missed out on Dad. But that’s ok because I usually catch you sometime during the week.

Getting on for midnight now.. almost time for a midnight snack..he he he

Meaning I better post this so I can be on time.

Oh I am too much.



  1. "Although I think I missed out on Dad."

    Don't you remember, you talked and I listened? Ha ha.

  2. all i saw of you was a hand holding sheebs! haha

  3. i did too.
    a solid 4 hours total.