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its like a lightening strike to..

Entry for 21st January 2010
Time : 10:06 am

Location : my room

Weather : still haven’t looked outside…

Take note that this is yesterday’s entry. I fell asleep watching a movie and when I woke up it was way, way to early in the morning for me to write decently. Also, I’m going to pretend that it is last night so I can say “today” or “this morning” instead of “yesterday morning”. It just drags on too much.

Something marvellous happened last night. I was the last to know though, even if I was awake when it happenned.
 It snowed.
chillen with the "snow"

I was super excited when I first found out in the morning, but that quickly faded as I looked out the window and thought that it had all melted. I was expecting a fluffy white layer covering everything that gets wisped around in the wind. Later, when I went out to start the car, all I found a crunchy layer of icy snow on some parts of the ground, on rooftops and on some bushes. I was indeed disappointed. Apparently this was what everyone was so excited about yesterday. These people know nothing about snow.

what a crazy "snowfall"!!

I was feeling rather gung-ho by the fact that it had snowed and quickly suited up to go out for a run. Unfortunately the shin splints struck again, right in the middle of my run. I had to walk back they hurt so badly. I walked for three times as much time as I had ran.

i cant believe the vine was able to
hold up all that "snow"!
The day went on and I left for my class. I was supposed to take the bus with Evelin but she didn’t make it on time. It was actually for the better because I forgot to read the text we were given yesterday. It was about cell phones and how they are over used in public places and what is being done about it. As well on the flip side, it read how there is no longer a line between our family, friend and work lives, how the need to be able to create a plan and follow through with it has been lost along with the whole concept face to face communication and how such small amounts of personalized contact are now passable. I found it rather interesting. Of course it is all very true. You look at society today and it is just the way things are. We are in the communication era. Everything must be known as fast as possible, even if going through all your e-mails and replying to your text messages really is not as efficient as simply calling someone, or actually knowing to start off with how your company is doing instead of constantly needing updates. And we wonder why we are so stressed all the time.

more "snow"

After we discussed our text a bit and went over some vocabulary that we needed help with. I will quote Anne-Marie from my class: “Reading the words in the context, I can make it through the text. But I am not here to make it through the text, I want to fully comprehend.”. I could not agree with her more. So many questions go unasked because you get the idea of what they may mean, but you really can not fully comprehend unless you get an answer. We worked on subjunctive verbs. I don’t know why I have to relearn them every time, but I do. And you can not be bilingual (with French at least) if you have not mastered the subjunctive conjugation (because it is not a time).


Evelin and I thought we were lucky that we snagged the back corner of the bus, where there are not seats, but you can sit on the floor, because we got to sit instead of clinging for dear life to a pole in hopes that we would make it home in one piece. Yes, the ride home is absolutely ridiculous. People getting thrown every direction. Our driver needs to take a “less aggressive driving” course. Then we realized that sitting on the floor only subjects us to having our tail bones mashed to pieces with every bump we go over. The lesser of two evils? I still do not know…

frozen dew

I finally had my movie night. Marie-Anne and Pierre went to some jazz show and Lou was at her dad’s. I ordered some sushi in and was super excited to get it. The whole two hours it took to get here I was super excited. Sadly, miso soup is not my fave, BUT I had the BEST octopus salad! I should have taken a photo of the tentacles. They were unreal! And of course a nice little side of tuna tartar and chive maki. Pretty tasty overall.

some things are indestructable.
I like to think that I like eating wasabi. (Some of you just groaned, some just chuckled. Yes, this is going to be good). And like everyone else, I can never eat ALL of my wasabi on my sushi and tonight I had some left over with my ginger. So, as per usual, I pop it all in my mouth and chew it quickly down. However, this time, and I have a witness, things did not go as smoothly. All I am going to say, I have never eaten anything that has been rejected back the way it came so fast and thank goodness the kitchen sink was not far. I was amazed at how hot that wasabi actually was. The loss of the good ginger made me a little sad though… but not too sad haha


Dun dun dun dunnnnnnn

lightening strike to my bag
o' popcorn !!
All I wanted to do was make some popcorn for my movie. I even turned down the wattage and read the labels on the bag, in as many languages that I could understand (which was 2 out of at least 6). I pop the popcorn in for the average of the recommended times on a lower wattage. I return to what I was previously doing, all the while watching very closely. I look away for one brief second and BAM! OPTIQUICK STRIKES AGAIN! Smoke is flowing out of the sides of the microwave! I tear open the door and remove my popcorn! Windows and doors are opened, as well as my bag of popcorn. The amount of smoke coming from the burnt contents was absolutely incredible! All I wanted to do was make some popcorn for my movie, instead OPTIQUICK has to go and lightening strike my popcorn to smithereens.
i realized:
do we have smoke detectors in
the house?

Not impressed.

So I made another bag, this time for only two minutes, had perfect results, and sat down to watch Peau D’ane (Donkey hide). I thought it was supposed to be a fairy tale like story that was redone with more mature comedy and songs, I really have no idea what went on. I couldn’t tell if it was actually for children or what. Needless to say, I did fall asleep and to this moment, am still just as confused as to what I really watched last night.

worse than a car crash.
this my friends, is a real tragedy
i mean like, check out the smoke!
 10:43 am

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