Saturday, January 15, 2011

get me some tums.

Time : 10:53pm

Location : sitting on my bed

Weather : um, nice?

I swear all I did today was eat. I think I may explode.

Today started off kind of weird. I woke up on my side with both arms covering face and my sweats around my ankles. Thank goodness I still had my Joe Boxers on. Plus I had a crazy dream. It was weird.

Minutes later I was out the door on a run. It was a really short run. Sadly my calves were super tight. So I didn’t get much time to think in the forest and gather any wild ideas. Oh well.

When I got home, I discovered that a Youtube video of someone leading a yoga session is by no means a replacement for going to an actual class. These ten minutes have potential to be some of the most awkward time I have ever had while I was alone. I really need to find a yoga class to go to.

I took my time gathering myself together after that yoga session in my room. I cleaned my room, well, tidied, for a little over an hour. I cut up a bunch of pamphlets and put them on my walls. I felt like my yellow walls were needing a little some’in some to spice it up a bit. They now look fantastic.

Marie-Anne made us (and Lou) the best lunch ever. Some kind of fish with some kind of rice and lentil mix. I am so in love with lentils. Say the word and I’m head over heels.

While I digested, I took full advantage of the absolutely gorgeous day it was again and spent some time outside in the backyard with my pencil crayons. I really like pencil crayons. Too bad I am absolutely horrible when it comes to drawing maple leaves. Oh well.

I also tried to start planning out my next trip. (Oh my! Big news!) But, my planning kind of turned more into browsing and research seeing as I do not know enough about where I am going yet. I can guarantee you though, this next adventure is going to be awe-some.

I am so excited. And I just got a drift that it may be just as long as my last trip. Which would be The Best. Yes. The. Best.

I’m getting more and more excited just thinking about it! Ah!

Still loving the weather, I headed out on a quick walk to the post office. Need I say more?

Well, yeah I do. Not on the post office part, but that fact that nothing extraordinary happened, or crossed my mind.

Today Lou’s gymnastic class had their big show, so Marie-Anne and I headed out to see that in the evening.

It was two hours long. Oh my. I have never been to a gymnastic show ever, and I think I have had my fill. Although it wasn’t the gymnastics you are probably thinking of. It was more the floor routines, kind of like dance.

There was all sorts of things. Routines with balls, with batons, hoola hoops, some kind of flag thing and any combination of the above were shown. I am pretty sure some of the littlest kids were barely out of their diapers and were just adorable. There were also the older more mature gymnasts who were incredibly flexible, maybe even to the point of being contortionists. I had no idea some people could bend that way with out breaking.

Lou’s group was one of the last ones to perform. They did pretty good. I recognized a little bit of the choreography from when I’d sneak into their class at the end and hang out against the back wall with the parents of the other girls. Then the finale for the whole deal: all the girls (and one boy) came out to do one huge routine. It was enormous (people wise).

We eventually made it home, through all the traffic in the parking lot and the hundreds (it seemed) of vehicles, to frantically start preparing the big supper we were to have with some friends of Marie-Anne.

It was delicious. Some kind of rice-like substance was the base, with a large kind of stir fry that had coco milk, onions, lemon grass, cilantro, ginger, cumin, some fish fillets cut up, and (drum roll) YAMS! Oh my, I was so surprised to see their tiny yams! We really are lucky to be able to buy one jumbo yam instead of five little ones. Phew! Oh, and for a light appetizer, we had some kind of beet mousse. It was also delicious. Who knew I liked beets? And the food didn’t stop there. Of course we had the customary cheese, so good. For dessert we had one of the Gallets (which is like a croissant cake with almond paste in the center) and Marie-Anne had bought a whole bunch different kinds of apples for a tasting. The apple part may seem kind of odd, but we have a really spectacular apple corer, peeler and cutter, all in one, and thus, we had more than a little fun.

The evening/night is still not yet over. Lou and the little boy of the family are upstairs playing. They seem to be a good match. Marie-Anne said that I didn’t have to hang around in the living room if I didn’t want to. Which, I was so happy to hear. They were friendly people, really, quite nice, but they weren’t my own friends, so I let them have their time.

Plus, I really needed some time to let myself digest. I’m hurtin’.

I think they’re leaving now, so I better go say good-bye.

Then get to helping clean the kitchen. Oh my.


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