Wednesday, January 5, 2011

master sword.

Time : 11:03 pm

Location : The Chair

Weather : so horribly windy I am glad to be inside

Wednesdays. Oh, Wednesday.

After I showered, I just did light house work for the first part of the morning. Lou in the morning really has no desire to do anything with me. Not that that is a bad thing, not at all. It gives us some space.

Eventually we drove off in the rain to her gymnastics. And I drove home. I went for a walk in that time and mailed a letter. I also did something else but I do not know what. I am more than positive I did not walk for a full hour…

When lunch time arrived a debate arose. Well, it wasn’t much of a debate. Just Lou trying to tell me that we were going to fry (yuck) the chicken nuggets instead of bake them. She tried convincing me that it would take less time to cook if we fried them, so I offered to fry hers and baked mine. Apparently that was not what we were doing for lunch and it was one or the other. Needless to say, them nuggets got baked. And even though we were so rushed to eat before, the nuggets cooled down a substantial amount before they were eaten.. Oh well, doesn’t matter.

The rest of the afternoon went. That’s about it. Lou did not feel like doing anything with me for the rest of the day. She never asked to play, pretty much ignored me when I asked if she wanted to play a game or something. That was fine with me. I had my own things to do. Which oddly were not blogging..

Finally a photo.
Finally I told her we had to get the groceries. She was not pleased when I added the fact that we were walking. And I told her to wear mitts, but does she listen to me ever? Somehow she managed to leave me in the dust. Cold kids sure walk fast.

When we got back apparently she was hungry, so we made crepes. Which was an alright time. Probably the best of the entire day except it totally threw off supper later.

Very random; I randomly got the hugest urge today to be in the basement at the Farm today playing Zelda on the Super Nintendo. I think something I smelt had the same scent as the basement there. It was really odd, and comforting. Plus I know that the blankets on the sofa, or fouton, whichever is there at the moment, are oh so comfy. I think I still really need to beat that game..
While doing some Google-ing today, I discovered that James Blunt will be playing a show in Lyon in April. I think I have to go. I have officially became dead set on going.

Now all I have to do is find someone to go with me. That shouldn’t be a problem though. I am awfully charming and what not.

This entry is so short it is saddening. I really have nothing to add.

Oh, and by the way, Marie-Anne loved the flowers and card I got her yesterday.

You can never go wrong with flowers.



  1. Mmmm those crepes look tasty. Not my mom's recipe though, are they?

    That James Blunt concert sounds great :) I think it would be so intense to seeing a concert in another country. Can't wait to hear about it, and your future companion's adventure.

    I think I heard somewhere that smell has the strongest tie to memory of all the senses. I believe it. Sometimes I'll smell something that will remind me of Germany.. In Quebec I wrote it down:
    rain + car exhaust + lilacs = Germany.

    You sound tired and maybe a bit homesick. Maybe a skype session is in order?

    I'll send you and Lou good vibes :)

  2. no, these came from a mix.. which i was fairly disappointed in. but tatsy never the less.
    that wouldmake my life to go see Jame Blunt.
    and I have heard the same about smell too. Kinda weird though eh? Maybe it is because we are constantly super aware of hearing and sight, touch too. but smell kinda gets shuffled away until we smell something really good or really bad. then its just a megatriggr.
    tired yes, home sick, naw. i just really wanted to play zelda.
    but you can always send good vibes my way. :)