Thursday, January 6, 2011


Euro Trip 2010/2011 - Day 7 - Lubeck

Friday December 24th 2010

Franzi and her family, and myself

Today everyone took it easy. We four had a delicious breakfast of German buns, hard boiled eggs and oranges. So delicious. As every country has their own bread, I find that Germans really love good buns. They’re usually square with really hard crusts and garnished with any kind of seed you can imagine. I prefer them to the pastries of the French. I have to mention that a very thin molasses is also used as a common spread. That is something I have never tried before, and I found, that moderately spread, it is indeed quite good.

St. Jacobi Church

Franzi came with me to the hostel I am staying in tonight to make sure I got settled alright. She is so nice! The woman who runs the place was really friendly, once she got over the fact that yes, I do want to stay here. Apparently she is lacking employees at the moment. Seeing as there is a whole dance troupe of Russian dancers here, I really do not think that one more person is going to make much of a difference. Needless to say, I got a room. Yet another four person room all to myself.

Hospital of the Holy Spirit
no idea if it is still a
working hospital..

I spent the afternoon completing my tour of the City. I tried to get photos of all of the seven towers, but not knowing the City too well, and them all looking the same; I may have missed one or two.

St. Peter's Church

I made sure to get a photo of the Hostentor (Holsten Gate) that was the original gate for the original city. You see them on everything here, including the town crest.

I got myself an awesome pair of black boots that are resistant to the slush is also here. Turned out that all the shops closed at 2pm today, including the Christmas markets. I was a bit thrown off, but when you think about it, the services at the churches were all at 4pm and everyone goes. Having a Christmas market closed on Christmas does not make much sense to me and is probably why most of them are actually called winter markets.

St. Mary's Church

darn, I clipped the tips.

Salzspeicher (Salt warehouses)

somebody tell me why
Saskatoon does not
look like this.

I stumbled across an internet café and was lucky enough to intercept my family, who had all just woken up. Chatting with all of you was really nice. It made me feel like it was a bit more of Christmas here. It really was lucky that I caught you because since all the stores closed so early, I did not have a chance to buy a phone card to call home with. And come to think of it, I do not know where the phone for use is here..

color me please.

This evening I have been sitting at a table in the commons/kitchen/dining area, watching the Russians prepare their feast for tonight. I swear each of them has been making some kind of dish at one point or another for the past couple of hours! One girl offered me some crepes that she made for tonight. I was not hungry in the least, but I accepted the friendly gesture. I really wish I had something to prepare for myself. Like I said, I am not hungry at all, I just want to cook! Travelling all the time and cooking for one does not make it an easy task. Hopefully I will get the kitchen raging in Berlin and Frankfurt where my stays are longer.

St. Aegidien Church
side of the Dom

Well, I don’t have much to say for today, so I hope you enjoy the gratuitous amount of photos.

Backside of the Dom (cathedral)

St. Katarinen

----I just found a map of Lubeck, and went through the seven churches and other landmarks in the City. Guess who got them all!!  :)

the Russians were outside chanting/singing for half an hour in the cold wind.

all the while some of the boys were working very hard at layering water on the table outside to spell out:


which I thought meant Merry Christmas (in Russian) but actually is a city.. potentially where they are from?


  1. Marzipan is totally worth the trip to Lubeck any day.
    And if Saskatoon looked like that I would be very very happy.
    Also, I -completely- agree about the german buns vs the french pastries.