Thursday, January 6, 2011


Time : 9:43 pm

Location : the couch

Weather : dreadfully windy all day

I almost did not wake up in time today. Good thing I did though other wise nobody else would have woken up. I guess it was just one of those days.

Finally, after weeks of waiting, I got my appointment at the bank. I spent a good hour there with a very friendly bank woman (much friendlier than the secretary, why is it always like that?) who got set up on an excellent count. I even got a card that is pretty much like an SPC card. I am so excited to use it. Well, kind of.

The rest of my day was fairly normal.

I made a quick jaunt to Carrefour in search of a calendar. Unfortunately dolphins and angels are not up my alley, well, not for a whole year at least, so I was out of luck. I really have not seen any calendars for sale around here. It makes me wonder how the French keep track of anything. I guess they don’t. They are horribly disorganized.

If you haven’t noticed, I got two Bank entries up today. And contrary to what you might think, they did not take up much of my day. In fact, I got each one up really quickly. Oddly quick. That made me happy.

Having some time after my lunch, and wanting to relax (haha as if I really need it) I decided to try out the new channels again. I ended up watching BBC news for a couple reports, which was interesting. The amount of time it took me to realize that this was British television was insane. For some odd reason I though the C was for Canada. Maybe I did need to relax. Then I came across a black and white movie. I have no idea what it was called, but the acting was just horrible. I think that it was the age of the movie may have made the acting look horrible at least I hope so. Yet some how I managed to get drawn in. I hope I catch another one on tomorrow. To finish off my mini television marathon, I watched an interview with Woody Allen. I found it quite fascinating. His outlook in life and making movies was just incredible. I think I will try and find some movies by him online to watch. He was in to making comedies with decrepit relationships in them as well as gangster films. This is the vibe I got anyways. My attention was not fully on the TV as I may have kind of fallen asleep…

After school Lou and I cracked some nuts at the kitchen counter while we waited to leave for the dentist’s. The trip to the dentist’s took not long at all and before I knew it I was making some lentils for supper. The whole car ride home Lou and I were talking about how much we love lentils and thus decided on them for supper.

Then Marie-Anne got home from work, the first time we had really seen her for a couple days since she was working night shifts, and she threw in some prune duck mixture. That really surprised me. We next to never have an actual meat dish for supper.

When I lifted the lid off of the pressure cooker, I was very surprised, and disgusted. What should have been a pot full of lovely green lentils, all blown up with water and goodness, was a pot that was filled with green slime. I am not kidding. Well, a slight exaggeration on the slime part, but the green part, nope. That thing would have glowed if we turned off the lights. I guess I made pea puree?

I was so disappointed. The lentils were so promising and now we had pea puree. That is like, a double downer. Peas AND puree in ONE. But it tasted ok, which I good, I guess. Thankfully the duck was delicious!! It had been far, far too long since I had duck. Oh, it is SO GOOD!!

Then I cleaned up and almost fell asleep on the couch again while watching a show on Haiti with Marie-Anne. You would think I am tired or something. But I don’t think I am, even if I plan on hopping in my bed as soon as I am done this haha

Oh, before I finish this, I would like to let everyone know that I saw the most amazing thing on TV today in the evening; 8 Simple Rules. Anyone remember that show? The over protective dad with the two sisters Brigitte (blonde) and Carrie (red head), and the funny teen brother, as well as the Mom. Such a good show, full of good family values, and even better humour. Oh, so good!

On the topic of TV (again, man this is al I talk about, so lame..), the Simpsons, in French. IS NOT THE SAME. Sure, Homer sounds ok, that is not hard to do. But Marge! I can not stand the way she sounds in French. She doesn't sound like loving Marge, she sounds like her nasty smoker sisters. Yuck. I am not impressed, which is ok because I am not a large fan of the Simpsons anyways, even in English haha.
Night yall! 10:06pm

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