Sunday, January 16, 2011

game time.

Time : 8:21pm

Location : kitchen counter

whered i go? 2 points.

Weather : solid 12 C.

You know those mornings that you forget to turn off you alarm? Don’t they seem worse than the days when you forget to turn it on?

Well, they seem worse, but the consequences really are not that bad. Which is why I really did not mind being jolted awake earlier than planned today. I mean, I did lay in bed for another hour trying to make myself sleep, try being the key word here.

so fun to step on.

Once I hopped out of bed, I spent a good hour putzing around somehow tidying even more things in my room before I gave in and made myself some breakfast (cereal, oh nice!).

That was after 9:30, nobody else was up.

Ten o’clock came, and went. Still no movement from the three other corners of the home.

10:30 am. Movement. But that movement went back to bed after a cup of water, I think?

name the tree. 1 point (its easy)

I am more than certain that I was up the latest last night, getting pulled into Facebook just as every other night.

Being minutes to 11 am, I grabbed my jacket and purse and was nearly out the door, as I planned, and finally a very logy Marie-Anne and Lou came down stairs. It was obvious nobody was going to accompany me to the market this morning, so after the general formalities, I was off!

road side

Going some where like a market, also somewhere like Value Village can be horrendously time consuming, and even worse if you do not know what you are looking for. Thankfully I was on a mission. I was in search of something very specific: a denim vest, thick or slender, preferably thicker, but I would take what I could get (for the best bargain).

If you do not remember, or the photo is yet to cue your memory, this is the market in Gardanne. You already know all about it, and since I was not with a guide today, I have nothing more to add.

I did notice that there was a surplus of pyjamas for sale. They must be all the rage for the coming spring season. I guess we all know what the Must-Have is now. I expect to see photos of everyone on the town sporting their best PJs.

My mission was not completed, but I did take a chance on another radical piece of clothing. I would love to describe it in all its glory to you, but, I am kind of leaving a certain someone hanging on purpose as to what exactly this piece of clothing is.
Peter Pan and the
Lost Boys

BUT! Ok, game time! I am going to post a photo tease of it and if anyone can spot me in the future wearing it in a photo, holler and you win some kind of prize that is yet to be determined! Nothing like a good wholesome game of Spot The Cloth! It is about to invade your living rooms.

Critics are saying
"The Where's Waldo of the decade"

3 moons (3 points if you get it)
Returning after about an hour and half (this includes travel time), I spent a nice time outside in the sun writing another letter. I was disrupted by a overly filling lunch of chilli con carne. I found it kind of weird that they make a point of adding the fact that chilli is With Meat. Isn’t chilli always with meat?

After lunch I felt like I was going to explode. Again. For the third time this weekend. I love food, with all my heart. But I don’t think my tummy can take any more lovin’.

same sunset as that day
at Niolon
To remedy my pain, I set out on a walk. The usual route, just to Narnia and back.

Cherry Coke is all the rage. I saw more than a handful of empty cans on the side of the road. I can’t remember the last time I had a Cherry Coke…soon I will be able to…

sunbeams are
camera shy

Sundays must be Teach Your Daughter How To Ride A Bike day. I saw four father-daughter pairs out on the roads. I was kind of worried for this one girl’s safety as she was about to go down the steepest hill ever. However, the fact that another girl was decked out in knee pads and elbow pads made up for it.

I gotta mention that I took my binocs out! They do indeed magnify what see and work very well. I spied on some magpies in a field and discovered a Whomping Willow type tree that was too far away for me previously distinguish. Exciting stuff eh? I thought so.
"someday son.."

I returned home after nearly two hours. I must walk really slow. I should Google Map the route and see how far it is..

this is NOT somebody's pool...

Well, apart from an awesome supper of left overs (we did eat really well this weekend) that was that about my day!


PS. Yesterday's and Friday's posts now have photos...sorry for the lack of photos until now haha

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