Saturday, January 8, 2011

tatou, me?

Time : 12:41 am

Location : snuggied in my bed

Weather : ridiculously warm outside, even with the light breeze. It feels like January. This place is so weird..

Like I just said, this place is so weird. The weather mainly, for the moment. Although I find it rather pleasant. It is nice not to have to layer up every time I go out, not that I really do at home anyway, but the thought is there. I feel like any day I will be able to lay outside and get my tan on a couple months early. I am looking forward to the day that these overcast skies leave for good and the sun shines in.

I went for a very long walk this morning. All through out the hills and on roads that I had yet to discover, I wandered. I found that most roads that look like roads in the hills are just really long driveways. I may have had some slightly awkward moments as I waltzed right into someone’s yard while they were in it. I think they were more surprised to see me than I was to see them.

I probably should have gone for a run instead of a long walk, especially since I some how managed to not think up any good commentary for today, which is usually a specialty induced by my walks. Oh well. Tough luck.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any of the Banks up today. Again, oh well. It is just the way she goes, the way she goes. And I also did not take any photos.

Getting off of the topic of things that I did not do; I did mail a postcard today. It of course was a very nice postcard, one from Marseille that I found in a stack of papers while I was cleaning my room (not that my room is dirty, just all this March weather had me in the mood for some light spring cleaning, or rummaging haha). You’ll know who you are in about... well, considering how the postal services have been working lately, a month, maybe two. So depressing. A snail could probably deliver my letters faster than the actual postal services. I guess this is why we have e-mail and text messages.

So I realized today, that I have not had peanut butter, or energy drinks, or chicken wings, for over two months!! I feel like the staples of my North American diet have been completely replaced with Nutella, fresh squeezed OJ and cheese. However, comparing the two groups, this one may be more beneficial for my health.

If anyone has been wondering about the status of the bathroom renos, they’re still going on. Not much progress has been made in the past month. Which is really too bad for Marie-Anne. She really wants to get it done. Maybe I could do it? Start an apprenticeship in bathroom renovations in my spare time. If I started on Monday and worked from 8:30am until 4:30pm with an obligatory 30 minute lunch, I think my the end of the month I would have it all together. Now all I need are the instructions. They come with everything right?

After school Lou and I cracked hazelnuts like there was no tomorrow. I guess she was hungry. I didn’t have many, they get all stuck up in my teeth and gah, it’s a mess. But I am also an expert nut cracker. That may be why last Christmas that nut cracker came to life in our living room. Just a thought…

Lou eventually went to her Dad’s and so I grabbed a quick supper (left over duck! YEAH!!!) and went to the movies, as usual.

I am really enjoying all this European cinema. It really is different from American. I feel like they tell more stories, and just stories. Sure the humour and drama is there, but all the quirky punch lines and extra effects are not there. Instead you are left with a lot focus on the actual characters and how the actors portray them. It may have been the film I saw today, and maybe it may just be Audrey Tatou and the characters she tends to play, but I think I noticed that there even might be less dialogue. Meaning almost everything they say is in some way significant to the film as a whole. This is a fairly large statement seeing as I am in no way “professional” critic, or at least an overly educated one.

A little about the movie; De vrais mensonges. Which in one English, is Real Lies. A fairly good title, although I don’t think anyone out right lied in the movie, they just did not tell the truth. Which, can obviously be debated over as to if they are really the same thing or not, but I will leave that for later and for the sake of a description of the movie say that they are different. So a woman receives an anonymous love letter one day, copies it and secretly mails it to her mother who is having more a little trouble getting over her recent divorce. Of course this anonymous letter is from someone relatively close to the woman, and they become entangled with the infatuated mother. Really what it is is a huge misunderstanding and nobody wanting to say the truth, or not being brave enough to. It really is touching, in some parts because you can only imagine how often things go unsaid between two people and they both know it. I won’t let the ending slip in case this makes to over the Pond. It was good enough so I hope it does.

I think I may be a fan of Audrey Tatou…

Thus I got in some time after midnight and here I am, recounting all this.

Now for some dream time.



  1. That nut cracker was creepy, pretty sure his name was Chucky.

  2. pretty sure his name was Cracka

  3. Ha. Cracka.


    And I am also a big fan of Audrey Tatou

  4. you know how its said.
    i noticed you read a lot of entries yesterday.. or technically, this morning.