Tuesday, January 4, 2011

record time.

Time : 11:43 pm

Location : the chair

Weather : was rainy today, but cleared up, and the heat was on, so I think it is now fairly humid, at least that is what my hair tells me

Today I took a nap. I think it was only like half an hour long, but still. That was what kind of day it was again. I guess I was still tired from the trip. I know I sure am tired now.

Today I did not a lot of blogging. Well, I spent a lot of time trying to blog. Anyone who usually talks to me on Facebook, I am not going to be online tomorrow, so surprise there I think.

Some productive things I did today for people who find my blog unproductive, I did numerous loads of laundry and went to the bank. I was worried I had missed my appointment to open an account, but it turns out it isn’t until Thrusday. Awesome.

I also went to Carrefour to get Marie-Anne her card and I even found some lovely flowers. I am kind of waiting for her to get home tonight, but if I mange to finish this before she arrives then I think I will just catch her in the morning.

After school time went fine with Lou. We just hung out. Casually chatting as she once again showed me the new channels on the TV. I didn’t feel like telling her I fell asleep trying to get through them all today.

I would say we made a pizza for supper, just the two of us, but all Lou wanted on her little corner was some ham, so I did the rest. I didn’t eat it all, but I wanted to. I am so good at making pizza. I love it. If anyone remembers the parmesan spinach pizza I made this summer, you would know that I make good pizza.

Lou went off to bed, after watching some more TV. I swear when she is tired it is all she does. And I attempted to get a couple blog entries done. Which I guess I did, but it just took me forever.

And that was my day.

And you can probably tell this is a very lacking entry, but hey, my day is literally revolving around BLOG. Does my night have to too? I do like to sleep, sometimes.

11:51 (woo 9 minutes. I didn't even blink)


  1. Man your pizza this summer was SO. GOOD.
    You should try the kind my mum makes fron time to time.. artichoke, feta, kapers... so good.

    I hope Marie-Anne liked your card and flowers :)

    Good luck with the all-Lou day tomorrow! Hopefully you got lots of rest.

  2. Lots of days are like that. You do stuff all day and at the end nobody can even tell. You just have to be content with the knowledge that you did it.

  3. I am very content.
    We have left over pizza :)