Monday, January 3, 2011

slippery when wet.

Time : 9:59 pm I swear I was doing to do this like 90 minutes ago..

Location : the Chair

Weather : well, moist?

Today slipped by. I really do not know where the six hours after my shower after I took Lou to school went. All of a sudden it was time to go take her to theatre class. I somehow managed to slip by the exit too. Today is just so slippery.

I think I did some laundry, and definitely made a mini scrap book of all my tickets, stubs and pamphlets that I carried around for the past two weeks. I also worked out my final budget.

Oh man, I made the MOST DELICIOUS sandwich for lunch. That is what I did today. I made a sandwich. Grilled poppy seed bread with camembert cheese and a thin slice of ham. It was a heavenwich. They do indeed exist now. I might have to make one tomorrow…

I also got one entry on here from the bank. There are so many more for me to do and so many photos to post. I am not looking forward to it. It seems more gruelling than homework. Aiyaa, oh well.

After we got back from theatre, Lou and I worked out some math riddles that were troubling her. Good thing I am kind of good at those.. Kind of.

Apparently it was Marie-Anne’s birthday today. I did not know that at all. Tomorrow I am going to get her a card or something. I feel bad. Tons to do tomorrow.

So I keep getting distracted by Facebook. First it delays me from starting this entry, and now I just can’t seem to finish it. Oh well, you will have enough to read this week as I get the Bank all done up. It is definitely a project in itself.

Did I mention it was raining today? As in no snow. (sad face)


10:22 pm (that should not have taken 23 minutes)