Friday, January 14, 2011

Really Really.

FROM 13 JANUARY. had technical blog problems last night. Too tired to wait for it to fix itself. sorry.
Time : 9:14pm

Location : the couch

Weather : I don’t know why I write the is dark out. Night.

Well, today I didn’t do much at all. I don’t know why. I just felt like doing only what had to be done and that was it. I was kind of tired, and just not feelin’ too hot. Not sick, but not well. Just really, really mediocre. Which is almost worst than actually feeling sick because you have no reason to be doing nothing, other than you really, really, don’t feel like it.

I did, however, mosey myself to the bank. I had to hand in some final paperwork and I did have a few questions of my own to ask. Banking here is so much more complex than in Canada. For example, at the BMO, do you have to make an appointment just to open an account? There is a reason they have three or more people working the service desk. That reason is that you can be served. Not have to wait to talk to the secretary (since when do banks have secretaries?) who just tells me to wait to talk to my bank consultant (I really, really don’t know what else to call her). Also, there was no complimentary tea or coffee waiting for me. And the chair, although it was really, really promising, was actually really, really hard. It surprised me, not in a good way. But housed me for well over three quarters of an hour as I went in and out of a light nap with every opening and closing of a door, hoping it was my bank woman.

I eventually got to see her. All I had to do was hand her a paper and ask two yes or no questions. Took two seconds. I was so tired.

So I walked back home and did nothing for the rest of the day.

Something exciting did happen to me on the way home though.

So I saw a cat (Ok, you know this is going to be really, really good) cross the road onto my side of the street. So I meowed at it. All the other animals here make noises at me; dogs bark incessantly and goats, bah, so I deemed it an acceptable action. The cat scurries away under a car in a driveway I am about to pass. No big deal. But it actually peeks around the corner to look at me. Weird. Then as I am walking by, I am attacked. You know that little clip of the cat jumping out of a bush and attacking a small child that we’ve all seen? Replace the child with my leg. If it wasn’t such an absurd thing to happen, I might have been, actually I don’t know what else I could have been other than really surprised and now laughing at myself. Somebody had to have heard my outburst.

That was the highlight of my day. So far.

The rest of the day melted away. It was gorgeous out, but I really did not care.

I got Lou from school and then we headed to Carrefoure to get her watch fixed. Too bad the watchsmith (I hope that is a word) was not going to be in for another half an hour (who comes back to work at 5:30 pm?) and Lou was not going to wait. So we went home.

I got a late Christmas card in the mail from Roger (thank you, I loved it). But I don’t think that Roger reads the blog. She’s too busy running Huskie cross-country. I’ll just have to send her a letter. Maybe another highlight of the day.

I made lentils for supper.

They were the best.

Lou had three servings. I had two generous ones. I forgot to mention the cut up sausage (other than the fact that he’d never had it cut up in lentils, Pierre liked it too) that I put in.

A really, really good meal.

Potentially better than being attacked by the cat.

End of story.

For the day.



  1. At first I thought this was going to be like your Bro...Really?Really??
    Then I realized that it was really just really, really and I was really, really OK with that :)

  2. well im really, really glad that you are really, really ok with it!
    I really,really mean it .