Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Time: 9:16 pm

Location : the chair

Weather : it feels chilly and it probably is.

Today was the best Wednesday ever here.

Ok, it didn’t start the best. I some how managed to set my alarm hours too early, so I was really confused when that woke me up. Then instead of changing the alarm, I changed the time, and still haven’t changed it back… So I was even more confused when I apparently woke up at 10:40am but walked into the kitchen hours earlier. It was weird.
i forgot there was fog this morning

I’m starting to not like waking up. It is so full of disorientation and confusion. I should really just sleep period.

Lou and I did our usual Wednesday morning routine. It is the typical Saturday morning routine for most of us of OJ and cartoons on the couch. Not too bad. I’m starting to like this one French/Spanish show haha

Gymnastics were ok too. Not that I participated, but driving there was alright. Apart from the huge detour that I keep forgetting about and nearly make us late every time, but that is beside the point.

do you remember the sunny
photo I have of this?

Lunch time was awesome. I made the best chicken in the pan with soya sauce and onions. I also added water to the pan and threw on the lid so the chicken stayed tender and did not dry out. I also added some of the left over bulgur from the weekend.

Apparently the post office has moved down stairs and was up an running again after a month long hiatus. I was rather surprised, but the company was working smoother than ever so I really did not mind.

Lou was apparently feeling really good because we literally ran over to her dad’s so we could type something out. I do not know why she never asked to use my laptop, but hey, I really did not mind.

Next we went to Carrefour to get her watch repaired (this is the second trip). First we waited in line for ten minutes just to be told that we had to go wait in another line, which ended up being a fifteen minute wait, just for the guy who was working in that watch section to tell us that the guy that just left, is the guy we need to talk to for watch repair. I have no idea what this other guy was doing in the watch repair area, but apparently he does not repair watches. No big deal, we’ll just go back tomorrow, again.
this is after 11am

I really, really wanted to bake some cookies or some muffins, but Lou really did not want to. Turns out that in France they actually melt their chocolate instead of using powdered chocolate (I think I already told you this when I made the brownie-muffins) and I am wanting so badly to try it out. I might have to some how squeeze it in before I go to class tomorrow.

Instead of tearing up the kitchen, we tore up a bunch of magazines. For two hours we hung out in my room, listening to the Black Eyed Peas, as Lou would turn the page of the current magazine and I would tell her if I liked the page or not. If I did, I then got to cut out what ever it was on the page that I liked, and put it in the pile. Eventually we put them all up on the wall. I actually really like how it turned out. It may be because Lou let me take the reins on where I wanted the photos to go and she put them there. I really did not mind. It was actually kind of fun.
probably could have cut the fog
with a butter knife,
like Loony Toons..

Then I made a grave mistake.

I should have known what was going to happen the moment that Lou started to take an interest in my make up. Ok, somebody had to have just chuckled. I thought she did an ok job, until I swear I felt some lip gloss drip off of my lip. I kept it on as long as possible, right through our play time consisting of me also getting my new outfit chosen (not as bad as the make up, I promise haha) and us going to the Black Eyed Peas concert.

However, I could not keep a straight face when Patrick (bathroom reno guy) came to give me the daily low down on the bathroom’s progress. It was too funny to see him try and look me in the eye with out actually looking at me.
after 12:30pm it cleared up.
we arent there yet.

Supper was also delicious. Some how we decided on eating sandwiches. I felt like we were living on the edge. It was awesome. And delicious.

When I went upstairs to brush my teeth not too long ago, I actually looked in the mirror. Like a good look. I may have scared myself. Yeah, it is going to be a while (I hope) before Lou does my make up again.

Overall, today was good.
Lou called it the
Hippy Wall (?)

Keeping on the final topic of dairy;

If you don’t know, we always eat a yogurt cup after supper for dessert. At first I thought this was really weird because to me, yogurt is one of the first things you eat in the day, not the last. Anyway, turns out they like not only yogurt. Lou was trying to explain to me what this one thing was and when she finally gave in and gave me a taste, I burst out laughing! Can you believe that SOUR CREAM IS A DESSERT!! Apparently it is tasty with granulated golden sugar. I think I will still keep it on the perogies and potatoes. Gotta love culture differences.



    no way
    that's too great
    sour cream!!
    Oh and please tell me you took a picture of the makeup that you haven't shown the public? I really would like to see. The reno guy's reaction sounds great XP

  2. Better let me see Lou's esthetician skills, too. -Mom.
    Oh yah and Mom tried for like 5 minutes to find out how to spell esthetician =P- Babeh Frayze.