Friday, January 14, 2011

i am a survivor.

Time : 9:45pm

Location : The Chair (every time I say The Chair, I think of Juno)

Weather : a gorgeous night time, probably still over 10C.

Today was a lot better than yesterday. Hands down.

First of all, I finally went for a run this week. I think that contributed to my really, really off day yesterday was wanting to go for a run so badly all week, but just not being able to.

I was not planning on going on a really long run today and I did not. In fact, it wasn’t really even that long of a run. Well, actually, it was decent, but half way through my right calf got majorly cramped up and was not working out for me. I headed back home so I did not stress it.

While running home, I came across the most beautiful thing: sunbeams. There, right across the road, with the hillside on the left, and streaming over someone’s fence into the field on the right, were sunbeams. They were shining and golden against the still slightly silver air of the morning. An incredible scene, that I hobbled right on through.

mid chuckle
So moving.

Also while on my hobble home (yes, my calf was really tight), there was this odd scent I kept smelling. It smelt like someone was burning garbage. It was horribly potent. If I breathed through my mouth I would taste it, and if I breathed through my nose, it went straight to my brain and still attacked my taste buds some how. Horribly uncomfortable.

Last thing from my gimp home, the dogs went absolutely insane. First this one dog started barking at me. Which was fairly normal, I think it is an abnormally barky dog. But then the dog across the road started barking too. Then the dog down the road, and I heard one in the distance start up too. More and more dogs kept barking. If anyone is familiar with the point in 101 Dalmatians (Disney cartoon) where the Dalmatians are with stolen, or something bad is happening, and all the dogs in London start barking in the night, communicating? I felt like someone either stole way too many dogs for their own good, or something bad was about to happen. Something like damage to my ear drum.

I’m starting to feel lucky I made it home at all today.

Since the day was so absolutely gorgeous, I opted to do my stretching all outside (excellent decision on my part). Then, once lunch time came around, I finished off those simply delicious lentils, also outside.
just incase you forgot what
I look like.

Then I spent a couple hours outside jamming to some awesome new artist I found on the radio this morning while cruising home from the school and writing letters to two very influential people in my life, who in no way read this blog. So… everyone reading is just going to have to become a lot more influential in my life if you want a letter. Haha, just kidding. But really, there is no way that they read the blog.

Lou is off at a slumber party, or should I say Soiree de Pyj? Yes I should. So afterschool time, although I did have to go swap bags with her at the school, was still all to myself. Awesome.

I planned out an movie watching night at home for myself this evening and I desperately needed popcorn, so I went to Carrefoure. Ok, I may have a thing for grocery stores.

First of all, I don’t think French people eat popcorn, other than at the movie theatre because there was ONE VARIETY, once I found it on the top shelf on the end of an aisle (meaning that is an unimportant and unpopular item, kind of a grocery store wiz here). It was also poorly stalked.

In my long search (before asking an employee who did even know if they carried it, but if they did, some how knew that one exact spot) for that popcorn, I accidentally grabbed a Red Bull and a bag of gummy candies.

Worst decision of my day.

Skip ahead 15 minutes and I am stuck in a traffic jam. You guess what happens next.

Conclusions : A) Cans are really hard to open while driving standard and not a recommended activity while driving. B) Gummy crocodiles are not the same as dinosours and will make you sick. C) Four cups of coffee in the afternoon and a Red Bull after 5pm makes you feel fine. (It sounded a lot funnier in the car).

I returned home having to pee really badly and feeling sick to my stomach from the crocodiles.

I put the finishing touches on the envelopes for the letters and Marie-Anne returned.

We two then dined, and cleaned up. An interesting show on the Canadian arctic is on, so my movie is off.

But that’s ok, there is no way I can handle the popcorn right now. I am still so fragile from the day’s events.

I am so lucky to have survived this day. Phew.

10:08 pm


  1. We all can be survivors, we just have ro realize our potential.

  2. "smelt"

    Huh, fish? Or do you mean smelled?

    "the dogs went absolutely insane. First this one dog started barking at me. Which was fairly normal, I think it is an abnormally barky dog."

    Must be pretty scary having all of those poodles barking at you, ask mom about when one bit her. I'm bugging you, of course.

  3. my goodness i mean smelled.
    darn. haha
    and yes, i know about the poodle story.
    i think everyone does.
    parkie you should make an account and become a follower. mmkawesome.