Monday, January 17, 2011


Euro Tour 2010/2011 - Day 8 - Lubeck to Berlin

Saturday December 25th 2010 – Christmas Day

4 person room in Lubeck
I had to wake up every coupla hours and
rotate spots to makesure all the beds got used.

To kick off my Christmas, I spent a solid five hours on the train to Berlin. Not overly exciting.

My first impression of Berlin was: snow and cold, I’ve come home. A steady light snowfall and -10 to -15 temperatures made me feel right at home. I checked into my hostel, Heart of Gold, and went online. Yeah, sorry, no blog entries, but I did find something awesome while online; two fellow Canadians that I met in Hamburg were also in Berlin. That was a wonderful surprise. We made plans to meet up right away. No spending Christmas alone for me.

my own sink, hair dryer, TWO LOCKERS
oh so spoiled!
Unfortunately we were unable to find each other in the busy Berlin square we made as a meeting spot. Not the best idea. While out on my first exploration of the city, I came across the hostel that I knew the two from Chicago that I met in Amsterdam would be staying. I popped by and left a very detailed (and colourful) message for them at the reception on the bulletin board in hopes we could connect. It was worth a shot.

dining room flows into the..
On to Berlin. It definitely has a feel of it’s own. The more downtown/main area where I was staying was interesting. There was a mix of very new buildings as well as very old. Both were either well kept or looking very rundown and neglected (I’m being generous on the simply ‘neglected’ part). If you can imagine walking down a main street, fairly tall buildings of every sort on your every side.

kitchen which flows into the..
One building is tall and looking like it is 20 or 30 years old, not too bad of condition, fairly welcoming. The next is a huge old building made of stone, dirty from a mix of age and pollution. You can see through the glassless windows and doorless doors, expecting to see a squatter in the corner, if the building happens to be one of the ones that is more than a skeleton of better times.

other side of the dining room..
which is also the commons/hang
out zone. with a TV
To add a little spice, there is graffiti everywhere. We’re not talking small, one color tags either, just to get your name all across town on poles and garbage cans (well, there are those too of course). But I am talking full walls of art. Every color imaginable, blending in ways you would think would make a muck, but instead you have murals of creativity bursting with love and passion. So much passion, about everything. Just a walk down the street can inspire you to want to make a change! If you aren’t a fan of graffiti, maybe take a trip to Berlin. Your views might be changed.
so much to see in the morning.

Lubeck has boats

Lubeck in the morning

Realizing it is after 6pm and I haven’t eaten since breakfast, I head out for a delicious Christmas supper. I was going to treat myself, it was Christmas after all. And I have been eating oddly healthy for a traveller. No fast food, no grease. I was tired of sandwiches, wraps and couscous salads, so I headed to the first “real” restaurant I could find. Which just so happened to be a pasta house. Delicious.

some where between Lubeck
and Berlin..
If you do not know Germany, you do not know how to order water. When are ask for water, you will indubitably get carbonated water. It is refreshing, but I really prefer tap water. If you go out for supper, please specify what you want to the waiter, otherwise you may end up paying three euro for a nice little bottle of San Pellegrino on Christmas.

german trees.
in case you wondering if they
are different from
canadian trees..

I eventually met up with the Toronto-ians (no idea how to make that one work) and we had a good time with their friend from Australia. It was very fun Christmas, good camaraderie.

they were really tall..


so dark.
Apparently December is the summer/break time for Australia. And apparently all of Australia likes to travel. Our lovely little table was in a major
Aussie-wich. I loved it. If you’re ever in the mood to meet an Australian, go to Berlin on Christmas.

so.. no photos from Berlin today..

Merry Christmas! Even though it is long gone.. haha



  1. Awe, I'm glad you had a good Christmas :)
    And yeah, I really dislike their "water". I remember going out to some beautiful botanic gerdens one day when it was really hot. The family I was with (not Christine's family, a different one)offered me water and I was so glad for it, until I found out what kind it was. Blah. I drank it anyways, but man do I ever dislike it.
    I wish I could take you for a walk through the woods by Bad Homburg, or outside of Schlierbach. It's gorgeous in the summer :)

  2. summer 2013 here we come.
    (thats the ony time i forsee myself having money haha)