Monday, January 17, 2011

"oh le francais.." - M-A

Time : 9:58 pm (keep in mind I am in the middle of a very intense Facebook chatting session)

Location : the chair

Weather : it is chillier, but well, it can’t be summer forever

Today had no time for me to relax. Or well, not nearly as much.

As soon as I returned from dropping Lou off, I promptly hopped in the shower, hopped out (sorry, nothing special to recount) and ironed the huge mountain of Lou’s clothes that some how all got washed. I didn’t even know she had that many clothes. I mean, I recognized all of them. But the fact that they were all dirty at the same time was beyond my comprehension.

I did not even have time for my run. I was so looking forward to it. But the schedule would not allow it.

I was about to jump in the car, when I realized it was before noon and I still had another hour before I had to leave. On the plus side, not that there really is a downside, but the plus side; time relax. Too bad I didn’t take the time this morning to go for a run..

Eventually I left for my French course. I have been waiting for so long for this course to start. Turns out the two months of having all day to myself can kind of drag out..

I had been to the building where the course is before, nearly two months ago. I was fairly confident that I remembered the way to get there, and I also Google Map-ed it to make sure. My parking spot went wonderfully, which in Aix is more often than not a nightmare, but I somewhere went wrong in my walking there. Go figure.

Normally the classes are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Today was an exception. It was more of an information day and we took our French exams.

The exams were not actual exams, you just got evaluated on your skill level so you can be placed in a group. The written part had five questions where you had to write a little tid bit, kind of like Mme Collard’s questions; you’re pretty sure that you’ve read the question before during class, and sure enough, like one word is changed. I found it slightly amusing, and really easy. Then the oral part was just talking to them, more conversation and what not, answering questions. I got B2 on the oral. Which is the higher half of intermediate. Some silly mistakes on Simple Future (no idea what is really is in English haha) cost be getting a C1 (which is advanced). At least that was all she made it out to be. Oh well. There seemed to be a lot of people in the class who knew very little French and some who knew none. I might still get put in the higher level group (fingers crossed).

The waiting for the oral test was kind of long, so I had to hustle back to the car and zoom back to get Lou from school (plus grab her snack from the house). This of course would be the day that her class gets let out first. Figures.

The evening went as any other Monday; theatre, homework, supper, wind-down.

I told someone I would do a feature on cheddar cheese today, but I didn’t around to it. I will truly try for tomorrow. I have some information to gather on the subject still. Sorry.

Also, if you’ve been following (or were following, I haven’t posted one for almost a week I think) the Banks of my holiday, scroll down even more after this post and you will find another From The Bank. It’s not overly exciting though, you can probably skip it haha.

That is all.



  1. Blaaargh! I was so looking forward to learning about cheese today.

  2. Yayyyyyy!!!!
    Class started :)
    Exciting yo
    Also, you seemed to have done alot of "jumping". Maybe that made up for the lack of run? :P
    Can't wait for cheddar en France!