Monday, January 10, 2011

this is Me.

Time : 11:15 pm

Location : in my snuggy spot

Weather : Lovely. Just Lovely.

Please forgive me if my sentences end up being shorter than normal. I just spent well over an hour and a half pouring out my last month and half into my journal which I had been neglecting. If any of you keep a journal, I know for a fact that some of you do, then you will understand that when you don’t write for a while, it really starts to build up inside of you. And of course you also know the huge amount of relief and lightness you feel once you finally make that entry that you’ve been putting off because you’re too tired, or sick, or just don’t want to. So therapeutic it is addicting.

Like Sudoku.

I went for a really long run today. Well, technically I did not run the whole time. Not because I was tired or slacking off. I never slack off. Haha… I did one of those interval workouts when you run for X minutes then jog/recooperate the same time, building up, then coming down. I really like doing them. I always feel so much better than when I just go out and bluntly run.

shoulda taken art lessons instead
of Spanish.
Both are dearly in need..
Due to the large amount of humidity in the air today that was caused by last night’s incredible precipitations, there was an impressive amount of fog. There was so much that at the beginning of my work out I could only see about 15 or 20 meters out. Sadly it all cleared up by noon.

Everywhere I go here there are pigeons. I think they are really European or something. Saskatoon by no means has as many pigeons as we do. In fact, there are a steady dozen or so that chill out on our neighbour’s roof every morning as the sun rises. I am glad I don’t live there. Anyway, about the pigeons. I am out on my run, trying to concentrate on running with good form, while keeping track of how many times the seconds hand goes around, and there is this owl like pigeon sound. The oddest mix of bird calls ever and it really bothers me. The sound goes right into my ears and just bugs me. I can even hear it when I am in the house.

I had the most intense stretch session ever in my room. While stretching I decided that I also really need to vacuum my room. After my wonderful lunch of peanut butter and banana jam on toast (I missed peanut butter so much! It was glorious! And banana jam surprisingly tastes just like bananas. I don’t know why I was surprised..) and after my shower, I vacuumed. Nothing interesting happened sadly. I could make up a story that I sucked up my sock, clogged the vacuum then it exploded dust all over my room and into the hall, but well, I’m not going to.

I spent the rest of the afternoon putting the finishing touches on someone’s letter and envelope. I think I drew a relatively realistic drawing of myself.

Oh! If anyone is familiar with the oversized white V neck shirt I tie dyed at home with Kool-Aid and food coloring, I washed it after my trip, and all the colors came out! It is nearly perfectly white! I was astounded, and saddened. I wonder how Marie-Anne will feel if I set up a home tie dye station in her garage.. Although Kool-Aid and food coloring do not sound European at all, they might be hard to find.

I had planned on going to the bank today to finalize some things, and I did actually go, but I forgot that they’re open Tuesdays through to Saturday. Not Mondays. Thankfully I mailed the letter while out, so I was productive. Although I just realized I forgot to a page of the letter.. not so productive.

The Monday afterschool time went as normal; go to theatre class, come home, make supper, eat it, everyone peters off to bed.. some sooner than others.

While grocery shopping Marie-Anne picked up a little magazine with recipes in it. I found a recipe for ‘Tortilla…’ ok I forget everything other than the tortilla part. Tortillas in my mind are like, wraps, soft tacos, we all know what a tortilla is. This recipe had no ‘tortillas’. What it was was sliced potatoes and onions with eggs poured over top then baked in the oven. Apparently ‘tortilla’ is Spanish for omelette. It turned out alright, everyone ate it. Lou oddly took seconds. I’m not complaining.

I am also going to bed.

11:47 pm