Saturday, January 22, 2011


Time : 9:38 pm

Location : my bed/couch

Weather : the radiator in my room is broken. Temperature fluctuating between 18C and 21C.

In case anyone is wondering, the house reeked of burnt popcorn this morning. Marie-Anne must have left all the doors and windows open for an hour to air it out. I had no idea burnt French popcorn was so pungent.

I kind of felt like going for my weekly Saturday morning run, but my legs were so sore when I woke up. I must have been having a fitful dream or something during the night. I can not think of any other explanation. Having to deal with shin splints nearly all week when I run, I decided against it. I kind of wish I had given it a shot anyways. I know I will tomorrow.
frazer would like this

Instead of getting some crisp morning air, I spent a good chunk of time in my oddly warm room, decorating my walls some more. It seems to be an endless task. Today I cut up my Woodstock calendar from 2010 and taped it to the wall. I also added some of the pictures Lou and I cut out the other day but did not get a chance to tape yet.

A delightful scent was somehow overpowering the popcorn stench come lunch time. Following my nose I slid into the kitchen to check it out. Turns out I was right on time for lunch, however, I also made it for an unpleasant intro.

You know those electric knives that are pretty much like little saws for meat? They used to be really popular how long ago? Anyway, I guess Marie-Anne has one.

So I walk into the kitchen, and there, on the counter is a beautiful roast of sorts. Then Marie-Anne goes on to slice it (very skilfully too) with the electric meat saw. I have never seen anyone use one in real life before. The only memory I have of them is from the Rocky Horror Picture Show when Dr. Frank n Furter cuts up the meat for the random dinner scene (not that the rest of the scenes are less random at all), then we go on to find out just what kind of meat that was. The worst part, is that Marie-Anne likes her meat medium rare, so there were all kinds of juices flowing out of the roast. This gorgeous roast being so skilfully sliced by Marie-Anne and all I can see is Dr. Frank n Furter and sliced Eddy. I managed to eat a couple of slices (very delicious slices) for my lunch, but I don’t think I have ever been so turned off of a meal. The green beans went down without any problems.

Evelin and I met at the bus terminal to catch our bus a little after 3pm. Turns out we were on the wrong side of the street and the bust went right on by. First of all, what kind of bus terminals do busses not stop at? Secondly, what kind of route also works backwards? Silly French people..

Luckily we only had to wait 30 minutes instead of an hour for the next bus and we made it to Aix.

We spent the afternoon walking up and down the many criss-crossing streets of the down town area. Since we both have been up and down the main streets and more condensed area many times, we wandered around the less frequented areas. We found some really good sales, but nothing good enough to buy. Which I guess is ok.

For some reason I forgot to wear my mitts and I had freezing cold hands all day. It was rather unpleasant. Other than that, it was really fun. It was nice to have someone to hang out with on a Saturday for once. Turns out our birthdays are right next to each other too. The coincidences never cease.

Something else about the busses, back home, the bus stops at the terminal and the doors open so you can escape the weather conditions be it sub-zero temperatures, rain, snow, wind, or a heat wave, here, they bus drivers just hang out in the busses until they have to leave, then they open doors and gripe about how long everyone takes to get on the bus. You’d think they would learn. Silly French people…

We eventually made it back to Luynes and split off. Back home I defrosted myself a little and had some supper. Marie-Anne informed me that the radiator in my room is apparently broken. That would explain why it was definitely hotter than 18C in my room for the past week as well as why it felt like 17C when I returned today.

Also, the house still smells of burnt popcorn. Marie-Anne is not pleased. But hey, if you really want to avoid burning things in your microwave, you should just… not let me use the microwave? Ok, bad solution, but I can’t think of a better one.

Fingers crossed that I don’t freeze to death with the faulty radiator tonight!



  1. "electric meat saw. I have never seen anyone use one in real life before."

    Well, I have one in my garage.....