Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wossil the commotion about?

Time : 9:14pm

Location : The Sofa

Weather : a steady 5 C all day, in the shade

Today I worked until my fingers bled on this trip again. Well, maybe not quite until my fingers bled; I think I have typing calluses. Just kidding.

Once again it took up the better part of my day. I stopped only to have a brief lunch and to iron Lou’s clothes. Also when Marie-Anne surprised me by coming home early (just after lunch) because she was feeling very ill.

Marie-Anne also brought in the mail. For the second day in a row I received something. Only this was not a good something; one of my letters was returned. Apparently someone in Saskatoon will not be getting their letter soon (I had already sent it a month ago) seeing as their address, that I KNOW is correct, does not exist. Apparently. I did notice that I forgot to write CANADA in the address. I wonder if that was why.. Wouldn’t that make postal codes useless?
soo tired!

I did make it out for a gander. Although it was 5C today, I put on my mitts, toque and scarf. I was very bundled. Nothing interesting happened. I even extended my walk in hopes. No luck.

I keep forgetting to ask Marie-Anne to show me how to get gas here. I’m pretty sure that it is different than at home and I would hate to put the wrong fuel in the car. Anyways, the point of this little paragraph is that for the past day I keep dreading going to and from school with Lou because I can never remember how much gas there is. I am not looking forward to going to gymnastics tomorrow.

mega (over) bundled
mega (over) tired

After school Lou and I made some Wossil. The smell permeated the house and I LOVE IT!!! Marie-Anne seems to like it too, which is a good thing. It seems to be a hit. I mean honestly, who doesn’t like wossil? I got to find some Dr. Pepper here so I can make Hot Dr. Pepper.

Supper came and went as Lou and I quietly amused ourselves as to not disturb Marie-Anne. EVERYONE reading should know that I made rice today. This is actually a big deal. I not only made the proper amount of rice, but I also cooked it for the proper amount of time and made it just like Lou likes it. I rock. I am so pleased!

Oh the small things that make my day…

One of my favourite comics to read as a child (mainly because these comics did not reside at our house) was Asterix. I believe it is originally a French comic, either way, its great in both languages. I am so lucky to be able to be half watching an Asterix movie (en francais) right now as I attempt to make a decent entry (no success I fear). This movie is so colourful! And all of the characters are so flamboyant. I have a feeling it is atleast 15 years old, you can tell by costumes and sets. It is still pretty good. On top of everything, I’ve been watching for half an hour already without a single ad. Granted when one comes it is bound to be eight minutes long. And full of perfume commercials.

That’s my day.

If you are wondering how the star gazing went last night, it went fairly well. Check out my last entry (a star gazer’s special!!) for the full report. I was looking forward to getting outside again tonight, but I am spell bound by this Asterix flick and I also have some more planning to do for my trip.
star gazing?
more like star grazing!!

Nighty night!


PS. the title actually has nothing to do with the entry, I just thought it was a clever line.


  1. Good job on the rice!
    &speaking of mail, have you gotten mine yet? :)

  2. no i have not :(
    if I dont get it tomorrow, then Imma have to wait until the new year!!
    actually.. I havent gotten any canadian mail. well, actually I have. I got a Christmas card from Amanda, but thats it.. I wonder if the mail here is trustworthy.. hahaha

  3. Remember, the secret to hot Dr Pepper is to add a lemon wedge.