Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lucid ?

Time : 9:50pm

Location : my bed

Weather : a nice 15C outside.. in my room, which had the heater on all day and damp laundry drying, it is very, very humid..

I have to tell you about a dream I had. This dream happened after I took Lou to school. I had planned on having a 20 minute nap and getting back to things. Turned out I slept for an hour and a half (wowza! Too much staying up late and working on the Project). I had a stomach and felt actually kind of really sick, almost nauseous, so I laid down on the couch for a nap.

In my dream, I had mono. I was sleeping on the couch and I could not wake up. Also, my stomach was killing me, and I thought I had a Food Borne Illness (food poisoning) from the ham ravioli last night (we actually did have ham ravioli last night..) which scared me. I’m half conscious, everything is fuzzy and out of focus. Patrick, the reno guy, is talking to me from the kitchen counter about the 8-combo-plug-in that is on the wall and how fantastic it is. All this time I’m trying to wake up, my eyes won’t open, my stomach hurts and I have mono. Then there was a really loud bang.

I woke up. For real. And my stomach hurt. And I could not tell if the loud bang was real, or in my dream. I also looked around for Patrick and he wasn’t here. That was when I realized that part (and the part about the plug-in) of the dream was not real. However, I am still left wondering if I really did wake up and look around a couple times, and I did worry a little bit if I had obtained a FBI from the ravioli..

Also, this scenario kind of makes me think of lucid dreams. If you know anything about the subject, give me a shout. We can discuss.

Crazy though, eh!!

The rest of my day was semi productive.

I spent three hours working on The Project, finished it, kind of. I encountered some difficulties are really annoying me. And I have no idea how to fix!!!!!

Then I moved on to grab a little spot of lunch. Piece of advice; even though a Quiche is not a pure egg, do not put it in the microwave. Maybe it was the Quiche, or the egg. Maybe it was that darn OPTIQUICK setting. I bet it was the OPTIQUICK. Anyways, my quiche exploded. (sad face) So I toasted some baguette with Nutella. I felt really French(..ish).

The remainder of the afternoon I scribbled away at some more personal projects and threw them in the mail.

I pretty much sprinted home from the Post Office to be able to make it in time to get Lou. Which is too bad, because there were a ton (like 6) of people out walking that were my age! I now know when to walk. 4:10pm – 4:20pm is key time for young people to be out and about.

Everyone here has dogs. They bark at me all the time when I go for a run (which is actually kind of annoying because I never remember to expect it) and it seems like EVERY single parent brings along ToTo or Spike (sorry I don’t know French dog names) to the school. Anyway, I saw a huge monster of a dog with shaggy long black hair. Instantly I thought of Sirius Black from Harry Potter. Again with the Harry Potter, I’m sorry. You never realize how often you think of certain things before you actually gather your thoughts like this.

I did not have time to put my pencil crayons away before I left and Lou spotted them when we came home. No explanation is needed for what we did for the following 2 hours.

I don’t know how I feel about the idea of me being a better artist than cook.. It sure makes me feel sorry for whoever is eating my food and not liking it. I don’t think I’m overly skilled in the art area at all.. Unless they’re little geometric doodles.

Oh! I had something very French for supper today, as a little appetizer; jambon et foie gras. Which literally is ham and fat liver. It was actually really good! The liver is made into a pate and then the ham encircles it, kind of like a weird sausage. Then you cut little rounds and break/spread them on your baguette. Mmmmm!

I recommend it!!

10:12 pm


  1. I bet it was the OPTIQUICK. I've microwaved quiche before without it ever exploding. But it might be just as well, from my experience leftover quiche is never as good. In fact it can be pretty gross.
    Mmm, the jambon et foie gras sounds fantastic. Have you ever had liver patte at my place? We usually have some in the fridge. Apparently we eat french.

  2. Lucid dreams? The Project? They sound interesting. I will have to do some research.

    You cook just fine and you are a good artist. Have you painted for her?

    Fifi, French dogs are named Fifi. Or Bernard, if they are big and shaggy.

  3. Optiquick is my enemy.
    Lucid dreams are actually very interesting. I'm definetly no expert, but they intruige me like crazy! Its kind of like the idea of are you really dreaming? Where your subconcious becomes concious and you access ideas that you may have but don't know that you have. then leading in to being able to control your dreams. all very fascinating.
    i guess i saw a Bernard Sr.
    this dog was massive.