Friday, December 10, 2010

chop chop.

Time : 10:09 pm

Location : once again, the spot

Weather : I have absolutely no idea

Today’s big event was a haircut.

a lil tired, but not too shabby
Which I was kind of nervous about actually. I decided to get bangs. Like straight across bangs, not swoopy bangs like I’ve had before. All of the years I’ve had enough hair on my head for it to be cut, I’ve had bangs like these except for the last four. So, this of course was a decision for me to make. Did I really want to have those bangs again? Yes. Yes I do. Especially since they are finally in style I will not be the kid “with the braids and bangs”.

As you will see, I had a little photo session to capture the essence of my hair. Marie-Anne told me that it is a very “young French girl” haircut. I will take this as a compliment.
lol mirror pic

I was in and out of the house today. I went to the post office, twice. As well as the salon, I also went to the salon twice (once to book and once for the cut). Yes, I am still having phone difficulties and can not phone to book myself a hair cut.

On the topic of the phone, I did answer it today. Numerous times in fact. One of those times was significant! I got my very own phone call. Sure it was from the FedEx woman, saying that I better be home on Monday to receive my package, but the point of the matter is that I got my first phone call here.

I took care of a lot of things today. You know those days that you spend “just doing stuff” that you find is very productive, but at the end of the day when somebody asks you what you did all day you can’t really tell them anything and feel kind of lame because they think you did nothing all day while really, deep inside you know you are a wonderfully productive person? Yeah, that was today.
the Pair, everywhere I go

While I was out and about, I don’t know which outing of the day it was, I noticed something (as always); the hills here do not look flat. Now, I am not being silly. I am serious. If you look at the hills around Saskatoon, what little hills we have, they are flat, as in they look like flat lines of round hills on the horizon. If you look at the hills here, along the horizon, they are not flat. This is due to shrubs. Yes, today I noticed that we have hills of shrubs here opposed to hills of grass. This may seem trivial and somewhat confusing to you, but trust me, I found it very interesting.

Yesterday I forgot to note that Lou tried to frighten me with a plastic alligator. I will admit, I was caught off guard. Most people are when they open a door and a plastic reptile is launched at their head. While making her bed this morning, I thought it would be somewhat comical to hide the alligator under her pillow. I forgot that she was going for a sleepover tonight, and after school while we were packing her bag, she came across the alligator. Unfortunately I am dealing with a tough crowd here, and my joke was not found to be funny, or even slightly amusing. I would have found it funny.

Maybe I’m just more light hearted than some people..
Bonjour, baguette s'il te plait

I will let you know that I was extremely productive, right into the evening. I almost forgot to eat supper.

Thankfully I did not because it was delicious. If you have a pressure cooker on hand, I suggest you throw in about 3 zucchinis, sliced, some pumpkin, diced, water and a bay leaf. Leave it for about 30 minutes and you will have a wonderful soup waiting to be consumed. Yes, so wonderful.

Try it!

10:22 pm


  1. Wow, I can't believe that no one commented on your hair!! C'est trés francais! Je l'aime beaucoup.

    The soup sounds interesting. I will have to try it with a heavy side of red meat for the carnivores who feed at my table.

    I am guessing that the "old fly in the milk glass" wouldn't go over very well there!!

    Have you tried painting those bumpy hills? Just an idea :)

  2. Man, the kid “with the braids and bangs” was the awesomest kid there was.
    Also, thank Lou for the great idea, will you? I think I'll take up reptile-launching too. It sounds like great fun. However, I prefer slimy sea creatures to reptiles when hiding things under pillows. (Not sure if you'll catch that reference.. )
    On that note, remember the octapus (/squid??) we found in the pond that one day, and our plot to leave it on a certain person's car? Haha it's probably for the best that some of our plots do not get carried out.

  3. Facebook is alot more popular than my blog. That's all I'll say about the hair.
    As for the soup, any mix of vegetables is delish!!
    I haven't tried paiting the hills yet.. I never get around to it! I've been busy as of lately..
    Ill wear braids just for you. As well as my glasses.
    I think I got the referance... lawl.
    It is DEFINITELY for the best that some of our plans never got carried out.. especially that one haha
    so nasty.