Monday, December 6, 2010

Snails n acorns.

Time : 9:18pm

Location : the Chair

Weather : a humid 13 C..yes it is night time

It took me almost all day to get going. I just could not function. I tried to, I really did. But apart from the vacuuming and laundry, nothing.

Once the late afternoon hit, I decided to go out for a solid walk. I was out for a little more than an hour and a half, walking along my favourite path in the Hill.

I noticed something;

There are a lot of snail shells and a lot of acorns here. An odd amount. I really should have photographed some evidence, but I chose not to. A poor decision on my part.
with a bell :)

With this bountiful amount of acorns about, I wondered, would they be good to pick up an eat, once shelled? I remembered gathering acorns from the Oak trees at school and taking them home to be roasted in the oven. But I can not remember if we picked them off of the tree or off of the ground. I feel like the ones on the ground would “not be clean” like picking apples off the ground, but also, acorns are in shells… Feedback please. Also, if you have any acorn recipes, please post!!

Oh, and I saw some goats.

When I got home I felt a zillion times better, fully energized and ready to roll! Too bad I had to roll out the door almost immediately to get Lou from school. Oh well, it’s the way she goes.

I brought along a little something to do while I wait for the class to pass, and by the end of the class I felt very productive. So productive in fact I was in a very good mood. So good, I did not mind waiting with Lou and her friend for the long lost mother to arrive 20 minutes after the class, as always.

When we returned home, something odd happened; Lou asked me for help with her homework. I see this as a forward step in our relationship. Turns out we had to do some research on comets and asteroids. Sadly all my Magic School Bus in Outer Space knowledge is stored somewhere deep within my mind, and is inaccessible due to the large amount of Bananarama lyrics that are on top. (Corner Gas reference anyone? Haha)

While Lou worked, I did some doodles and drawings with my wonderful German pencil crayons. Lou was so impressed with my incredible artistic abilities that we coloured for almost an hour.

When Marie-Anne got home, we played tag and took mirror photos while modeling my many pairs of sunglasses. Awesome.

I also managed to make the perfect amount of food for supper. Score!

kewl catz

Yes, today was a fine day, once I got myself going. I should have gone for a run, then washed my running clothes, but unfortunately that was not the order of events. What’s done is done though, and now it is time for me to withdraw to my room, sadly it is not in the basement, actually, we don’t have a basement. I don’t think anyone here has a basement.. I wonder why..

Speaking of houses, when you build a house in France you are only allowed to build X square feet (actually I think it is meters here) of living space (not including garage). What people do, is build a large garage, then turn it into a living room, or an office. Interesting trick of the French eh?

Back to the basement. Too bad my room is not in the basement because now I can no longer scoot away and exclaim “I’m going into my cave!!!” which is one of my favourite lines to throw around at home. I could replace Cave with Lair though…

Well, time to withdraw into the Lair and work on the Project.. hah hah hah..

9:39 pm


  1. Hey anna i just read my first blog entry by you, i'm so jealous of you right now, you have no idea! hope to see you there soon, and i will for sure keep reading these, your a good writer!

  2. awe thanks adrienne!! keep reading! ;P
    bondage = excellent.

  3. You're just a couple of Groovy Girls!!

    Maybe I should send the Magic School Bus CD-ROM over to you. Will their computer play it? I think your's is way too new.

    Guess I have to spend some time watching Corner Gas episodes.

  4. Not to toot my own horn, but yes, my computer is definitely too new for MSB :P I think that works on windows 95... it prolly won't work on their computer either.. that whole CDs/DVDs from america not working in Europe hog wash. yes. hog wash. (I am totally usuing that in the blog tonight btw)
    Hank cant remember a joke because he had too many Bananarama lyrics in his head. the folders that they were in fell ontop of the jokes and they all got mixed up
    :( poor Hank..

  5. Parker here. A kid from the Philippines in my English class told me they dont build basements were he comes from because there is to much moisture and rain there for they would flood but to make up for no basement they have 3-4 story houses :0 This may be why they do not have basements in France?? or not i donno just putting it out there. Arg had to make a blog account took me forever but you have one more follower :)
    p.s. i remember getting acorns and brings them home in the back of my trike :)Good times

  6. i considered the moisture effect, and also maybe that the ground is so uneven here, aka a hill. although that would make you think that a basement would help, provide a deeper foundation.
    also, maybe the soil is not good enough? i dont know.
    AND about them only having X amount of square feet of living space to build, maybe the basement would count as that too, and well, wldnt we allrather have an upstairs over a basement? i would.
    PS iremember gather acorns too haha