Sunday, December 5, 2010


Time: 9:29pm

Location : the Couch

Weather : spitting rain and a breathy breeze

Today was rather relaxing. Again.

I woke up not feeling very snappy, I had had a tough time falling asleep because of all the extra light in my room. For some reason the ON light from the stereo was extra luminescence and even though my shutters were well closed as every night, a ton of moonlight was spilling into my room, reminding me of the story of a classical composer that copied his music by the light of the moon, giving him very poor eye sight.

I did go out for a quick run in the rain. I quite enjoy running in the rain. I do not know why. It is very refreshing and even though you feel very hot from your layers, you still feel very cool.

Nobody in the house (Marie-Anne, Lou or Pierre) could wrap their head around the fact that I like the rain. I don’t think many people in southern France enjoy weather that inhibits their relaxing lifestyle. Examples: rainy days making the outdoors less pleasurable and the snow bringing everything to a halt. One must not cramp the ‘style of a southern French man, as I always say (as of now..).

There were no cooking adventures today. Boo hoo.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in my room, planning out the trip to Germany for the holidays. After about an hour and a half of planning with my counterpart via Skype, we discovered we were not on the same page.. of the calendar. I’m not saying that the trip is cancelled, not at all, for me at least. I will definitely still be exiting the country to visit my German friends as well as my French ami, my plans are just a little different now (maybe). We did start some new potential plans (if I get a week or two off during the winter break in February) to visit Spain. Again, this plan is merely an egg, the plan is not even hatched.

I needed to stretch my legs, and as the fitness campaign here says; Mange! Bouge!. I had eaten, and now I needed to move. So I headed outside, in my beloved brown raincoat, for a walk.

I started off the general route, on my way to down town, but I decided to see if anything was popping at the Sports Complex. As always, the lights were off. Unless there are some kind of meditation in the dark, or dodge ball in the dark classes that I am missing out on, nothing goes on in that complex. Ever.

My route, now lengthened, took me through the heart of Luynes. I looked to my right and saw a road I had never walked on before, so I veered right. (Please note, that while I was walking this new territory, all in my mind I was narrating my adventure, in my mind, and I will do my best to copy it, from my mind, on to here)

The road appeared really European to me. The road was straight and went on forever. Maybe it was the darkness of night, or the fact that the rainy ambiance made everything glisten and the wind gave me chills. The houses looked a little older, and the trees looked slightly menacing, all curved over, sans leaves. Did I mention the road was awfully straight? And that a fence had little pokey spires on it? I felt like a Dementor (creature from Harry Potter) might swoop down on me.

Why had I not brought my camera?

I noticed I had subconsciously quickened my pace, I didn’t mind, I was out for exercise.

The road went on forever. I walked for 10 minutes before I came to an intersection. I found it very very weird. And oddly European.

I went left. The road curved up a hill and I felt a little more at ease when I saw a train go by on the hill above me. I finally had something to bear my location off of.

A side road on my right distracted me. It went wound downhill and looked a little more inviting, there were some light houses. My very active mind reminded me of a time a couple of summers ago when a group of friends and I were returning from a weekend camping trip up North. In hopes to make it to the Yukon instead of going home, we decided to take all the right turns that we could. We ended up returning a couple hours late after a pit stop in the P.A. Denny’s around 9pm. A very fond memory of mine..

Back to the present.

As I turned right, reminiscing, I found this road to be not friendly at all. Still very light, and seeming nice, I got an eerie feeling. Like a well light house with nobody in it. My mind was running wild. Then I went around the bend (on my feet, not in my mind). Right in front of me was a van like vehicle with its Hazards on. It looked like the Green Goblin from Spider Man. I promptly turned around and continued home.

I got my little bit of exercise for the evening. I felt refreshed. And my mind was tired, after all, it had ran wild for nearly an hour while I was out.

The remainder of the evening was filled with my doodling aimlessly and writing this entry.

No photos today, sorry!


  1. It's too bad that your trip plan has changed. But I have suggestions! It's just that every time I tried to send them my computer got in my way. (It was being a jerk.)
    Loved the description of your walk and mind exercise. That van sounds creepy!
    Have you ever thought of how creepy Nick's van looked to other people? That's what I imagined, but with fully grown creepy men inside instead of ignorant teens.

  2. ohhh wowwww with all the tape.
    yeah k we'll make arrangements to call.

  3. An excellent recount of your adventure. I especially like the part where " mind was had ran wild for nearly an hour while I was out." You have an interesting way of describing your surroundings. Maybe you should take a writing class and pursue writing short stories or Episodes From Your Mind.

  4. I think before I write the Episodes from My Mind I will write the Episodes from My Home...
    That or plant cameras and not have to write at all haha
    our house would makea great TV show