Monday, December 13, 2010

I stepped on a pigeon.

Time : 9:12 pm

Location : the Chair

Weather : not too cold, perfect for stargazing.. which is what I should be doing right now..

Today was very exercising.. for my fingers. Almost all day I spent online. I researched every nook and cranny of everything there is to do in each one of my stops (except one) for this trip! I have quite the agenda, and that’s just fine. It would be a pity to wind up with no idea what to do. I also have reservations at all of my hostels. Which should put some of your minds at ease, well, a little more at ease.

Oh Christmas,
You gunn find you!
Now run 'n tell that,

The main reason I did not leave the house was because the FedEx employee was supposed to come and deliver my Rail Pass. I even put off taking my showing just in case I missed them. Eventually I gave in and scurried upstairs to clean. Then I scurried back downstairs.

Remembering what it felt like to actually use my legs I no longer felt the need to sit much more and plan. Which I had done already for.. I’m not going t o specify the amount of time.. So I tried to get the dishwasher to work.

I’ve got it to run a number of times before. I am very good with dishwashers. I have no idea what I did, which button I pressed by accident or which series of buttons (I ended up pushing a lot of buttons..) but I could not get the dishwasher to run. It appeared to be set to run in 11 minutes. Those 11 minutes never became 10, and the dishes were never washed, by the machine. Pretty much all the dishes we in the dirty, and we’d for surely need them this evening, so being responsible as I am, I washed them all by hand. Not that it’s a big deal, like at all. But I’m pretty sure my couple months of mastering the dish pit at Donair has made me a very skilled dishwasher, not only in being quick, but also makin’ ‘em shine. Needless to say, I checked out my wicked smile in a couple spoons.

Eventually the FedEx man came and I got my rail pass.

That ONE TIME I went outside today something that would only happen in Europe occurred; I actually stepped on a pigeon. The stupid bird actually ran right under my foot. It was very soft. I think I was more startled than it was. Stupid bird…

Theatre class was an extra hour long today, so instead of sticking around, I returned home. I made myself useful and sliced some potatoes for supper. I’ve never succeeded in making potato crisp (pretty much chips). I always cut them too thick, then they’re soggy. Or in tonight’s case, too thin and they are too crispy and stick. You know I will try again, next time a fraction thicker and I will put some cooking paper on the pans so I can peel them off. I’ve got it cased.

Also while I was at home, I went for a walk to the Post Office to do the obvious. Now people here usually slow down when they pass me, I know it’s because of my dashing good looks, but tonight it may have been because I was walking with my head tilted back, looking at the sky.
The Tree.

Tonight there is the peak of the Geminids meteor shower. It is an annual shower, starting as early as the last days of November and continuing until early in the New Year. While on my 15 minute was I spotted two falling stars. I believe that to be good foreshadowing for tonight.

Supper went well, my extra crispy potato crisps were a hit! Another success! YES!

I have little else to report and I am incredibly antsy to go check out the meteor shower.



  1. Oh, about your trip! If you ever make it over to Bad Soden, the mineral pool is fairly cheap. I asked my Oma& Opa this weekend :)
    And I can't believe you stepped on that pigeon! That's crazy! I imagined it to be the dead one from the backyard, or another one like it. Not alive! Oh my.
    How was the meteor shower? Good I hope. I'm sure I'll find out if I continue catching up on your blog though haha. (I had my bio final today. I think it went alright.)

  2. bad soden is right by one of my destinations. I'll see if i can make a day trip out of it. or a half day trip haha
    i know eh. stupid pigeon.
    yes you will have by now found out about the shower
    excellent news for your bio studies!!! congrats

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