Saturday, December 4, 2010


Time : 9:53pm

cool house (from yesterday)
Location : The Chair, enjoying live piano

Weather : Apparently cold, I thought it was pretty nice..

I was wiped this morning. Zero energy.

I spent a good hour and a half trying to figure out the most economical way to tour Germany; Rail Pass or individual tickets. I’m leaning more towards the tickets, but I found a pass that may be cheap enough to equal out the trouble of buying many tickets. I had a killer headache from all the thinking and started to doubt myself on being able to plan this trip.

Not a house, but still cool
(from yesterday)
I think I have now learnt quite a bit of German and a little bit of Dutch.

Eventually I dragged myself out for a run. Half way through I decided to go exploring and work out with some intervals. I ended up staying out 20 minutes longer than I had planned. I have no idea how I kept running the whole time.

I had also planned on doing a bunch of housework to kill away the afternoon, but I could not find anything to do once I had swept and cleaned the general areas. I would have cleaned Lou’s room, but we need to do that together. Otherwise precious items will be misplaced and I do not want to have to deal with that.

Awesome trees (from yesterday)

More trees, still awesome though
(and from yesterday too)

I ended up going for a rather long walk. I tried not to walk on any roads that I normally walk along. I saw some very pretty houses I never knew existed. When I left the house the sky was a bright blue with the odd clouds. Halfway through the walk the sky got nasty and filled with huge rolling storm clouds. They seemed to be coming from the direction of Marseille and I was worried we were going to get horribly stormed on tonight. I was almost home when I looked up at the sky again. Everything had gone dark, and the sky was all grey. This reminded me of the day in ODS when Kim told us that the time it rains is when the clouds are low and all grey, no definition between them. Then I remembered the day while driving with Marissa and the sky was just like that, only there was no rain, just as I started saying how Kim taught us wrong, the hugest rain drop of my life landed smack dap in the middle of the windshield. Right then, I was sprinkled on, so I ran home.

The evening was not overly exciting. The most I got up to was finding out how to cook celeriac. I chose a dish that looked simple enough. But somehow I messed it up to the max.
a very intense scene

- Lou doesn’t like celeriac, I was doomed from the start

- I’m used to cooking for people who actually eat. Aka I made wayyy too much rice

- It was the wrong rice, again. All sticky and not granular. Why don’t I learn!!

- I thought we ate simple one dish meals, not multi dish meals on weeknights. I guess Friday is not a weeknight..

I’m in a bitter mood now.

On the plus side, I discovered two more kinds of cheese. Both of which I forget the name, and I am too tired to go check in the fridge.

I also have a stomach ache.

I’m just going to call it quits for the night. Haha

10:16 pm

Moments before Kim was right.


  1. Kim would be pleased to know he was right - at least this once. He is a man, you know, and these moments are apt to be rare ;)

    Nice pics.

  2. Yes, it's tough going through life always letting females THINK they are always right.

  3. Well, we are.
    It is a well known fact. Gotta adapt to the times yo