Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Think of the Children.

Time : 9:27 pm

Location : my bed

Weather : my room is no longer humid, and neither is outside. Awesome.


Aka no school for Lou day.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, that I can think of off hand. We’ll see how the run down of the day goes.

Of course in the morning Lou and I played a little bit before heading off to gymnastics. I returned home and thoroughly enjoyed putting away all of my laundry that has finally dried. It only took 2.5 days in my room, with the door shut and the heat cranked a little (don’t tell Marie-Anne!).

I think practicality is missing here in France. I mean really. Sure we do have a dryer, but we don’t use it. Instead we let our clothes dry for days. And sure, we have rules for driving, but nobody follows them. Or enforces them for that matter. We’ll leave the cops job to just guarding the children.

Speaking of children, and this is a rather horrible fact that I learned while we were having our oh so pleasant dinner conversation last night, in France, they are now designing cars with Baby Detectors in them. Apparently babies get forgotten in the backseat like 3 times a year here. How awful. I mean, not to be pessimistic, but I’m sure it happens once in a while back home, but three times a year! Ugh.

Next topic.

Lou’s friend Julie came over to play after lunch. Which was kind of nice actually because they did their own thing while I did mine. Pretty much all afternoon, except for the quick trip to Carrefour to buy chocolate advent calendars (but they were sold out, which made me sad because I really, really wanted one..) and the other kind of quick trip to Lou’s dad’s to get some toys, I worked on planning my Germany trip.

The planning did not go very well. I made a little progress, but not as much as I would have liked. To start, I finally got my train pass bought. Which may not seem like a big deal, but say I shorten by trip by 2 days, that completely changes which pass I buy, or even if I want to make another stop. Next I on booking reservations for certain trains, mainly because you HAVE to for some (international trains) but had no luck because A) it not something you can do online and B) (this is kind of embarrassing) I have A LOT of troubles operating the phone here. I can not call out for the life of me. Maybe I will throw the train agencies an e-mail asking them to call me so I can make reservations. I don’t think that will work. Lastly, I worked on looking at which hostels would be best to stay in. I’m really excited to stay in a hostel. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is somewhat similar to living in a dorm. I wouldn’t know on either accounts, but still.

Playing with Julie really tuckered Lou out so we just hung out in the living room for the evening, watching the France version of Britain’s Got Talent. I still think Canadian Idol season with Tereasa Sorkyrka and Jacob Hoggard was probably the best talent show season ever.

We also studied a little bit for her exams that have been going on for about a month. Can you believe that already, in elementary school, age 9, they’re having exams like that? Granted, Lou does make them sound not very challenging, but I guess what I’m getting at is the pressure that they’re putting on children at a young age. It may be for the best, get them used to striving to achieve instead of merely scrap by. I don’t know, I am definitely not an expert on the topic.

Speaking of topics, pretty much all of my topics have been about children today. Odd.

Well, that’s that about that for tonight.


9:44 pm


  1. Don't you have a clothes line n the back yard? That would be better than drying them in your room all the time.

    Pretty sad about the babies. Good grief!

    Sounds like your Christmas trip will be fun. Good luck with the rest of the planning :)

    Weird about the phone. Maybe you have to phone as if it is long distance all the time.

  2. I went to the train station to reservemytickets was quite the affaire. and there were no driving problems at all..haha, we do not have a clothes line. there is one in the garage, and we usually open the windows to help dry, it works really well actually, but since the renos...its all dusty..
    i give up on the phone.

  3. Yeah I remember from germany that euro phones are weird. I just had them explain it to me a couple times and then got used to it. I completely forget now though, haha. So that's pretty useless (Sing me a song about the British Isles!!).

  4. bahahaha British Isles. I forget the rest of it...
    yeah I'm going to get a serious run down on it this morning, ill take notes on it and every thing haha
    you know I will.