Thursday, December 2, 2010


mornin walk

Time : 8:43 pm

Location : The Chair

Weather : Apparently double jacket weather..

I finally made it to yoga today. But before that..

I had a relatively productive morning. I went to the town hall, which is more like a small office, and checked out some of the fliers they have there. I left with a bunch. My next move is to write down all of the events on my calendar so I always know what is going on around town and in Aix.

always gettin distracted by
that mirror..
I also stopped by the post office to check out some stuff. I almost bought a cook book for 5 euros. It looked so good. Everything super tasty. But now that I look back, it definitely was better that I did not. I’ll tell you why later on.

Today the reno guy was jamming out to No Doubt (Gwen Stefani’s old band) for half an hour. I found it relatively amusing, and hence the comment.

headin down town

rectangular square

So yoga class. The one thing it did for me was make me miss going to classes at One Yoga. I’m used to having 30 some people in a relatively small room, doing what I think is Hot Yoga. As in it gets really hot and you really pu sh yourself beyond your limitations. This was quite the opposite. There were three of us. The woman that ran it was nice, very considerate to how I sometimes got mixed up with the directions (Yoga in French, a good learning experience). Apart from us, there was one other person. It didn’t seem like anyone was missing either. We went very slowly. So slowly I couldn’t breath slow enough to keep my breaths in time. We did not go through many motions, or stances. We mainly worked on stretching out our backs. It really did not help that fact that I was the youngest by at least 40 years. At the end of the class, instead of feeling exhausted, nice and loosened up, relaxed, and sweaty, I felt like I had stretched my vocabulary and not my limbs. I was kind of disappointed. This was a trial class for me, and that is all I’m going to do from the place. Oh well.

a produce shop

I should have gone for a run after, but I did not. Instead I worked on The Project. I hope you all are happy to know that I made an incredible amount of progress, and have over come some major obstacles. I am well on my way to producing a master piece of this Project.

I also made a killer mochachino. I figured out how to make steamed milk without an espresso maker. All you have to do is put it in a jar or something, shake it vigorously for 30 seconds, microwave it on OPTIQUICK for 40 seconds, and there you go. You can pour the milk into your cup and them spoon the foam on top once you are done mixing it all up. Excellence in a cup.

After school, Lou and I spent about 40 minutes arranging all the English words on the fridge. We even missed the night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. We were enthralled. I wrote a message, as you will see, and found a way to teach Lou English!

most of down town

Lou lost a tooth today. I was really worried she was going to be unhappy or scared about it, even though it was not her first tooth, but it went over well. Until her mom got home, then it started to hurt. That’s jus the way it goes sometimes.
I made oven roasted garlic potatoes for supper. Along with some kabobs I found in the freezer. It all looked so delicious.

pretty much all of downtown
going out of town
Then Marie-Anne got home and popped some artichokes in the pressure cooker. I was worried that she had not seen that I had started supper already. Well, she had, but she did not see the kabobs. Apparently they do not eat a lot of meat on weeknights. I still do not know why. They seem to prefer eating pieces of deli meat with baguette and cheese. It seems very French to me.

also going out of town..
I have never eaten artichokes before. I was slightly intimidated by the massive mass of vegetable that sat on my plate. I picked off a “leaf” and popped it in my mouth. Lou looked at me like I was an alien. I’m very used to this look so I thought nothing of it, I got it the other night when she found out I eat the kiwi skin. She commented “You eat that too.” Again, referencing to the kiwis. I slowly took the “leaf” out of my mouth and said, “I have no idea if I do.” This is when I learned that although artichokes are slightly intimidating, they are not substantial food providers. All you do is nibble off the end of the leaves, after you dunk them in some kind of mustard sauce Marie-Anne whipped up.
Our work

My potatoes were a HUGE hit. Thank you Mom for making me love them as a kid, even though I did not like potatoes at the time. Lou said I should open a restaurant, which I found to be an odd comment for not 5 minutes before that she was explaining how she is not picky, she just does not like “weird food” (accented with a little eyebrow raise and look in my direction that I pretended not to notice).

Lou’s in bed, my day is pretty much done. I actually took photos today, as you can see.

Hope you enjoyed all o’ this!

PS once I got to adding the photos, I was having troubles arranging them, kind of the same problems you get with Microsoft word when things move to their own accord for no apparent reason.. Sorry for the disorganisation and unappealing-ness. :(
I did not put up all the photos, saved some for tomorrow in case I don't take any haha

my message


  1. You have the makings of a teacher in you. Beware!! Ecellent method. I thnk you may have to wait to experience the snow. Sorry.

    Potatoes, kabobs and artichokes sounds great. There is not much to artichoke leaves. They are a good medium for a good sauce.

    Good job on improvising the milk frothing! Good thing you had that mochachino to relax after that yoga workout. Better luck with the next one.

    Funny about the tooth hurting ;) Your's would hurt for days as they got looser and looser. When they finally came out it was almost a relief. I guess you don't remember that! Just part of being a Mom.

    They "don't eat no meat" because they are not red blooded Canadians who hunt for meat with a passion.

    I like your pictures. You and Lou look like you had some fun. The town is looking a little European with the vegetable market, too.

  2. It was probably inevitable. There are how many generations of teachers in my family!!
    I'm not much for artichoke leaves. They're ok, but thats about it.
    I'm going to find some other yoga classes this week.
    I definetly don't remember myteeth hurting. I doremember being in alot of pain as a child though. Especially my limbs hurting. I grew too much in elementary school.
    I find that it is more of the little things that make the town feel EUropean. Like the town square, or the way the roads are set up. Even the different sidewalks.

  3. Hahaha "Hey mom, what kind of meat are these kabAbs?" Nope, you can't get much more American than that.
    Hahaha reno guys.. fyes
    That's too bad about the yoga though. You'll just have to scope out another place I guess.
    Also, when you get home let's do some how yoga together mmk? Idk if One Yoga does this, but I know Quantum has heat lamps and stuff for theirs. Seems pretty intense.
    And you know my opinion on artichokes. (<3)

  4. ahahaha
    emphasis on the A
    toooo funny!
    I am definitley down for some hot yoga. Either at One Yoga or some Hot Hot yoga at Quantum. We could run there for a warm up! Granted it would take like 2 minutes... :P
    And you know my opinion on artichokes..