Sunday, December 12, 2010

Like a sloth.

Time : 9:52pm

Location : the kitchen counter

Weather : Marie-Anne just said how cold it was, probably about 4C out

Today was a lazy day. Like all Sundays, a lazy Sunday.

I slept in super late today. Super late being after 11 am. I decided to make myself a lovely breakfast, it was Sunday after all. Sadly, I burnt my toast, my hard boiled egg was not hard (on the inside) and my orange was little hard on the outside so I ended up squishing out a lot of the juice while cutting it. Regardless, it was super delicious and I savoured every single nibble.

Then I busied myself with planning MORE of my trip, and catching up on last night’s entry. Which, believe it or not, took me more time than I wanted. I hope you enjoyed the entry, and I better love this trip! Haha I’m sure there will be a 100% success rate for both items.

We were to start Christmas here, FINALLY. But things were moving really slowly. SO slowly that I decided to stop putzing around and watch a movie. I started watching the Lord of the Rings. I’m done the first disk of the first movie. It’s pretty good. I haven’t read the books, but I would probably like them.

EVENTUALLY, Marie-Anne and I went out to get the Christmas tree. I’ve been waiting for this for about… 13 days. I know it is the 12th of December. I like to be prepared. My 13 days of waiting were done up in about 45 minutes. That includes the car ride there and back and picking the tree. Add another 15 minutes and we’ll even have tree indoors.

If she asked, I would have gladly hung the tree up upside down in my room for a couple days. I could probably do it myself too.

Evening came, and I was fixing my Canada Olympic mitts. They have developed very worn out thumbs, so I thought I would repair and strengthen them before my voyage to a region where I might actually need to wear mitts.

Lou returned home from her dad’s and we decorated the tree. This tree is a wee tad taller than me. And has next to no decorations on it. And they match. And I could probably still pick it up myself, decorated and all. It is not a Christmas tree I am used to. But atleast we have a tree now, as well as a couple decorations.

I can say I am semi content.

I do have a dubious plan for tomorrow though. Heh Heh Heh.

After the decorating, everyone, Marie-Anne, Lou, Pierre and myself, each went about doing their own activities. I don’t know what I did for the 30 minutes before supper actually. I think I drank a lot of water. I should have gone for a walk instead.

Like most Sundays here, they just seem to slip by. It’s not like you do nothing all day, but its also not like you do a whole bunch. Life is slow. Like a sloth.

Post supper activities ensued. Not much to recount.

Thus, here I am.

And here you are.

And here I go.



  1. Yesterday's blog really was a DELUXE, from your fantastic, descriptive writing to the video. I wanted the video to be longer, by at least 4 minutes. Sundays can be slow but when you have raised a large family that's O.K.

  2. sadly neither of my videos were that long. i think the other one that I couldnt upload was closer to a minute, but it wouldnt let me upload it :(

  3. Haha your tree sounds like ours. Does your family normally hang it upside down before putting it up? Ours is allllll natural haha. Even comes snow and ice covered.
    The holes in your mitts reminded me of a song we sang together in The Tree a loooong time ago,..

  4. "theres a hole in my socket!" ahaha and the other one.. about some kind of monster or something ?
    id say our tree at home is fairly natural, its just been wrapped up for X number of days and therefore needs to be hung upside down like a deer so the branches can fan out again. no biggie really

  5. I was referring to "The Socket Song", as I believe we called it on our radio show. But they were all great :)
    Deers and trees hanging in the garage, gophers in the freezer.. yeah no biggie.

  6. PS: You've got a whole ecosystem in your house. Maybe a biosphere if you count all the skins and such (zebra!!)

    I think I'll buy a plant for my room here.. I need some greenery