Thursday, December 9, 2010

get your shots.

Time : 8:53 pm

Location : The Couch in My Spot

Weather : my nose is cold, due to the Mistral

I feel really good about today. Which is a good thing, if you did not know.

An unusual event occurred this morning. For some reason, I felt inclined to do a tour of the backyard. It was nice and sunny, so why not? As I was looking at the pool, the largest pigeon that I have ever seen flew a couple meters away from the pool side where it was perched. Apart from the fact that the pigeon was abnormally large and heavy in flight, it only flew a couple meters away, and not into a tree or way away. So I advanced upon it, in full hunting stance. This time it fled, leaving behind a corpse. Yes, pigeons here have gone carnivorous. As you can see, only the head was eaten. Peculiar. I hope they are not full of rabies, why else would a pigeon eat another pigeon? I’m concerned.

Also while in the backyard, I discovered something wonderful; I can climb onto our roof, and our neighbour up the street, as well as the neighbours along the back. It is really quite the set up. I look forward to this prime stargazing location seeing as there are not many streetlights around our home, and plus, they are not very bright. Adding to the excellent fact, my Canadianism makes the 10 C nights feel like nothing and there is a meteor shower coming up. Foreshadowing?

The Victim.
His name is Vic.

I promptly got myself off to the Aix TGV station to reserve my tickets for Germany. The drive there was awesome. I think my days of getting lost and driving in circles are done!

However, the booking of the tickets did not go so well. There was no more room for Pass Holders on the train I had wanted, but I found an alternative, which takes a little longer, and has 2 more changes than the first one, but I will be getting there!! Awesome. And another good note, I will definitely be coming back. All of the trains for my last two days are fully reserved. I am very excited.

When I got home, I took no time before setting out again, this time on foot, to Carrefour. I really did not feel like going for a run today. I don’t know why, but I did not. I compromised on a long walk. It was an 8km round trip.

It was just another trip to the store. Nothing out of the ordinary. I will note that I am still unsuccessful in finding the Dark Side of The Moon.

Skullet to the max.
I did the the funniest thing on the way back. There was a man, wearing a large helmet, and scarf flowing behind him, with his knees clenching onto a Christmas tree for dear life, driving down the street, on a scooter. I stopped in my tracks and watched him go by, only my head turning to watch him go. I believe this made my day.

When I got home I spent the rest of the afternoon planning out my trip. Back in grade 11 in ODS I had to take an extra online class so I could get my Bilingual Certificate in grade 12. I am very happy that the class was a tourism class where I planned out whole trips to here and there. I am now a master travel agent for anyone who is interested (you know where to find me) and for myself. This is going to be the most excellent trip!

After school time was filled with letter writing. Eventually Lou and I moved upstairs to resume another day at the Employment Office. There are a lot of people that need jobs I tell ya.

Marie-Anne was home early and insisted on making supper. It was of course delicious. And everything closed down early for the night.

Here I am.

Enjoy the photos!



  1. Man, nasty birds yo.
    Draw me a picture of the guy on the scooter? :):):)
    Also, let me know when you get my letter, mmk?
    And let's skype again soon.
    Talk to you this weekend!

  2. oh will I ever draw you a picture of the man on the scooter! You may even get a little bit of extra humour in there too! Free of Charge!!
    I will definetly let you know!
    ANddddddd im feelin like if the phone doesnt work for me this weekend, coz i STILL havent found any calling cards... we could just skype? isnt that what skye is for? for stealing monies from the phone companies who have been stealing our monies since this addicting thing called a Cell Phone came out? :P

  3. You do know that most wild creatures are omnivorous and cannibalistic as well, my dear? ODS I am sure, just rather disgusting to think about. Perhaps skip the pigeon pie this evening ;)

    Star gazing from the roof tops, hmm?

  4. Im staying away from pigeons. Unless I feel like scaring them.
    And I will try my best to get up there, I'll just have to do it when Marie-Anne isnt looking... haha
    on the plus side, if I fall, ill just land in the pool!!