Thursday, December 16, 2010

short end of the stick.

Time : 9:19pm

Location : kitchen counter

Weather : one of those colder days..

For some reason my alarm did not work this morning. Well, the first one went off, but then the one that’s supposed to go off 15 minutes later (and no, it is not a sleep button) did not. Thankfully Marie-Anne had to take the car to the garage today, thus requiring a vehicle swap ordeal, thus requiring me to be awake and driving. I kind of thought that it was odd that for over half an hour they let me sleep… Especially since I am very much up and alert in the mornings, bustling about in the kitchen.

So I was carless today, which probably was for the best.

I’ve been really worried lately that the awesome ‘do the hairdresser gave me was just one of those “just done at the salon” things. Last time I washed my hair it went all frizzy and ka-poofed and my schanzzy ‘do was not schnazzy at all. Trust me. Thankfully today I figured out the proper method to brush my hair while it is drying so that it looks nice. This may seem rather trivial and vain, but I love doing my hair. I think everyone knows that..

Once that was taken care of, I headed off to the bank. Apparently you can not exchange money at the bank in town. That is one more strike against this town. I’m pretty sure we already struck out about a month ago. Now tomorrow I have to make a trip to Aix just to exchange my money. I am not impressed. Tomorrow is going to be busy as it is.

Carless me walked to Carrefour today. It was a solid 2 hour trip, keep in mind I stopped in two home decorating stores looking for Marie-Anne’s Christmas gift. I got extremely lucky in the second shop. My final destination was to a little photo booth in the mall to get some passport photos done. Then I went home.

I meant to take my camera with me, well, I actually did. It turned out the battery was fully dead. I should start keeping on top of that. Anyways, while out walking, I came across a whole field of pigeons. Like really. I’ve traded geese for pigeons. I do not approve.
I tell you, completing your Christmas shopping is a lot more satisfactory when you carry the present around in your hands for well over an hour because you did not think to bring a plastic bag with you and apparently not every shop gives out plastic bags (which I find alright, definitely alright). Woe is me, I know, I know. At least I felt very satisfied.

Did I happen to mention that I walked to the next town? Yes, I can walk to the next town and back all in good time. Don’t you love how small France is? I don’t think I do.

I made it home just in the nick of time to have a lovely Skype session with my family that had just woken up. Good news, even with out me around in the mornings, they seem to be able to keep up looking just as tired and groggy eyed. It was great to “see” you guys again! I really need to figure out what is wrong with my webcam.

I got a couple things done around the house before I remembered that I had to walk to school to get Lou. I ran pretty much the whole way. I did not feel like keeping her waiting. Turns out I could have walked the whole way. I’m just too fast for my own good! Haha

The evening proceeded as normal. Snack, “play”, supper, bed. Relatively simple. I made some baked vegetables today for supper, it was just the two of us tonight. Man am I getting good at picking the favourites. Although I was told that it was the potato (not me). This was a special mega large potato that Lou planted at her Grandparents’ this summer and received in the mail about two weeks ago. It was still really fresh, I was surprised.

Regardless, a “not hungry” Lou ate seconds, and thirds of my wonderful baked potatoes and carrots.

I done good.

9:38 pm


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  2. That sounds like a great walk! The type of thing I would do more often, if we had towns that close. How long do you think it would take to walk to Martinsville? Although I guess they're technically a city now.. But maybe Aberdene?
    I can't believe you get pigeons instead of geese.. short end of the stick indeed.

  3. well from the edge of the city, probably 30 minutes. But like, we live on the other side of the city, so it would definitly take 5 hours? I think its like an hour and a half to midtown.. Ah I dunno..Havent walked around Stoon like that in forever!!
    Remember that day we walked home from Midtown, then Broadway, to your house, then my house, then your house, then my house, then Chey's house? what a crazy day....