Wednesday, December 1, 2010

found the measuring cup :D

Time : 9:33pm

Location : The Chair

Weather : Lovely 8C, enjoyed a full sunset today :)

Today was an all Lou day. Aka; Wednesday.

Due to the rain and non-functioning windshield wipers, we did not go to gymnastics. The Bureau of Employment needed to be tended to.

Having nothing else to do, and Lou was apparently starving (haha I sound so attentive to her needs), we had lunch before 1pm today. Which totally threw me off. Not really, but I found it odd.

Something else I found odd; the package said for them to be mini steaks (steakettes), but once I cooked up the little pucks of meat, and cut into it for our lunch, it turned out it was more like a hamburger patty. I’m not a huge huge fan of eating pucks of meat, and even less of eating pucks of meat that are supposed to be cushioned between a bun and other fixings. However, I made do with a little Dijon mustard.

Our one outing of the day was to get Lou some fake nail kit of some sort. We had no luck with that. While on the hunt I continued the Quest for the Pink Floyd CD. Also a flop.

Just looking at the track listings and comparing songs I know, like and don’t know, I think I will buy either Dark Side of the Moon, or Wish You Were Here. Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

When today first started, I was weary of Lou and a potential hang over from a little disagreement we had on if Moccasins are classified as shoes or socks from the previous night. I had let it go and accepted that they were shoes, even though the way I wear them they are 100% slippers, but when I went to tuck Lou in I was reminded.

Back to today, I was weary of the potential of me wearing ‘shoes’ inside, thankfully, the issue never arose and instead we bonded over nail polish. I painted her nails that lovely orange red color I have, mine were already done, and even got complimented on my skills.

Later I found out that nail polish is not to be worn to school, and only on weekends and holidays. Which I probably should have asked about, but did not think of it at the time. Now I know.

More bonding happened over a lovely bout of karaoke. Who knew ABBA was popular with young French kids? And of course, a near classic for kids; Aqua.

If we weren’t getting on well enough already, we solidified in the kitchen. I pretty much supervised the making of a casserole. I combined two recipes to make some kind of semi creamy Parmesan zucchini dish. It would have been pretty good, but Marie-Anne got back 45 minutes later than either of us expected and I did not put tinfoil on soon enough. The results were still kind of tasty, but not too creamy. Next time I will use a deeper dish and maybe a little more sauce. What sauce there was did taste very good. I’ll post the recipe ASAP.

That brings the day to a close.

I really should have taken a photo of the casserole so that I would at least have one photo for today, but it got eaten up too quick.

Oh well.

Tomorrow I will again attempt going to yoga. With my luck I will end up exiting the highway too soon and end up in Nice or Marseille..

9:58 pm


  1. You know you are on your way to becoming a master of the kitchen when you can change recipes according to what is available and to your taste and they still turn out. Congratulations on your culinary achievement! You must be in France!

  2. Wish You Were Here (the song, anyways) = win. Then again, you can't go wrong with Dark Side of the Moon. Or The Wall, for that matter.

    Mocassins can be classified as both, I think. It just depends how you use them. If you wear them outside alot then they're shoes, but if you only use them indoors they're slippers. Mine are slippers.

    That's weird about the nailpolish thing.. I wonder why. And whether or not it's police enforced... :-P (jk)

  3. My moccasins are definetly slippers.
    I dunno, I've heard about young girls not being allowed to wear nail polish before, I think it is just a preferance of the parents thing. Not necessarily a regional thing, ya know?