Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You can't beet this.

Time : 1:09 AM

Location : My bed, all snuggied under the covers, be thankful for this entry, I am half asleep.

Weather : It is a little chilly outside, probably only 10 C, with a little wind

Today I finally got to see Lou off to school. That is one more route I have to memorize. There are so many; the grocery store, the school, gymnastics, theatre. Plus any for my own use. Oh, and those four that I noted may not seem like much, but they all go in different directions and curve and twist through similar but very different route.

On the way back home we stopped at a Boulangerie (bakery) and picked up some snacks. I chose a croissant. Just my luck to have to fall out of paper bag as we left the store. 

Seeing as it rained frogs all day, Alissa (I found out I was spelling her name wrong, oops!) and I spent the whole day inside, reading French magazines and bonding over our love for Beatles music. I shared my knowledge of making London Fogs while we compared and contrasted Canada and Germany and she found great amusement in the things that I find “si bizarre” (so weird) here (like non-refrigerated milk).

Even though our plans of returning to Aix were foiled, it was actually a lot of fun.

Eventually we had to go pick up Lou and take her to theatre class. Which is in Aix. And I have no idea how I am going to remember the way. I really hope Lou knows it.

Upon returning home we snacked a little, played some Post Office. At least I think it was Post Office. Lou was very tired and kept changing the flow of whatever it was we were doing and neither Alissa nor myself had any idea what was going on.

I don’t know if you have ever had to peel a beet before, but I really hope you have not. I can now say that I have. Helping prepare supper, I volunteered not knowing what on Earth I was getting into. First of all, the beet was really round and had an odd firmness. It was kind of squishy, but still a little firm. Almost like someone’s semi tense arm. Second of all, I soon discovered that they stain your hands like crazy. Not being a seasoned beet peeler, my hands were covered in beet juice, which I soon started to joke was blood. Which may not have gone over as well as I thought.. MOVING ON. Third, have you ever seen a raw peeled beet? The only thing it made me think of, what when you see those pictures of human muscles on the magic school bus. All the lines and the dark red almost purple color. It really did not help that it had the odd firmness of a human arm. All I can say is it is a really good thing that I found the beet salad to be very tasty.

After a late supper, Alissa and I headed off to Elizabeth’s house to hang out. She is also a German au-pair girl. She was quite interesting. She had spent a year travelling the U.S.A. with her friends, came home for two weeks, then headed off to study French here and work as an au-pair. Which if you think about it, would be a great set up if you could get your courses set up accordingly.

I drove for the first time here on the way to Elizabeth’s. It has been nearly two years since I’ve driven standard. That’s all I feel like saying on the topic. Haha..

Anyways, we watched a movie, while enjoying an extreme mix of franco-english-germanic conversation. It really would have been incredible to hear. Oh, and also, Elizabeth is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French. In that order.

Needless to day, we were there until quite late and did not get home until about 25 minutes ago. Which is why I am going to go to bed right now.

Unfortunately I did not take any photos today . If you have any requests of certain photos so I can spice up this entry a little bit, by all means, leave a comment or throw me an e-mail.

Until tomorrow evening, hopefully not night.

1:39 AM


  1. Easy peel beets: Cut beets in half to make all pieces a similar size. Cover each beet double foil and roast in a 200 C degree oven for 45 min. Unwrap, plunge into cold water and slip the skins off. You may want to wear rubber golves. Finish cooking beets or slice for salad.

  2. Good that you are getting out for some social time. Maybe you can become trilingual while you are there!

  3. Holy, I had no idea it's been that long since you've driven standard! I guess that makes sense though, it just never occured to me.
    & that beet sounds creepy haha.. I can just picture the entire sequence of events.
    Speaking of beets, my mother made the best beet borsht (sp??) this weekend. SUPER tasty!

  4. PS: do you know where in germany that aupair girl is from? Or wait.. they're both german, aren't they?

  5. Mom : This beet barely had a peel though. It was so soft. i prolly coulda crushed it with my bare hands and made blood poor everywhere.
    and I think I might as well try. Alissa is leaving soon; on Sunday, but Elizabeth will be around seeing as she's taking her studes here.
    Gnome : mmm borchst (yeah i dunno how to spell it) I'll have to make some here.
    Alissa is from.. Stuttgart. Had to google it, but it is the place they made Mercedes-Benz and is 2 hours from Munich.
    And they both are indeed german. There are alot of german girls here.

  6. I've been to Stuttgart! My great uncle and his wife live there. It's a really nice place, I like it. Let's go sometime, mmk?