Friday, November 19, 2010

had to ask for directions today..

like downtown Aix

Time : 9:50 pm

Location : my fave chair

Weather : better than Saskatoon’s haha. Around 10 degrees outside

Once we got Lou off to school, Alissa and I headed to Elisabeth’s to set off to Marseilles.

So pretty

It took us roughly half an hour to actually get into Marseilles. Like any large city, the city has started a ways before you actually know it. Coming in the way we did, Marseilles did not look like much. Many decrepit building littered the area, covered in graffiti with broken windows and fallen in roofs. You may be surprised to know that it’s population is a little over 800 000 but once you really look at how densely people live there, it becomes less surprising.

What also took roughly half an hour was finding a parking spot, or a parking that we could access. Finally we found some kind of parkade really close to the Old Port, which was really convenient. We walked in and out of shops that were on and off of one of the main streets in the downtown. It was a lot of fun.
slightly decrepit

When I had visited Paris a year or so ago, there were gypsies. People camped all along the highways and in parks. Pretty much anywhere they could, leaving a huge mess behind them. I thought we had came across another gypsy camp, in downtown Marseilles. I was mistaken.

If you remember anything about French history from history class, you’ll know that France loves to revolt. Now in modern times, they love to strike. I don’t know how long ago, fairly recent I believe, France decided to move their retiring ago up from 63 to 67 to match the rest of Europe. Guess how that went over. Not very well. People went on strike like crazy. Young and old. The electricity went out, internet, buses stopped, trains stopped, even the Social Security aka Police went on strike. Pure chaos. Now, these people were not gypsies. They are people who are either still on strike, or have no home left due to the strike, or were driven to poverty because they went on strike. Any mix match will be an answer. Crazy eh. People choosing street life over retiring 4 years later.

Brioche (center)

I did see some gypsies though. Don’t you worry.

We visited a church so that we could get something touristy going on in our day. The one we chose was on La Canebière and was l’Église de l'évangile. Very pretty inside and still in use. I think they all are actually. That was our last stop. Apart from one last walk along the port.

a lil sunny

After a quick stop at Elisabeth’s I headed home myself. The other two were going to Aix. I had driven to Elisabeth’s before, as well as going home. I thought I knew the way. Apparently not. I drove for 15 minutes or so, well aware that I had no idea where I was going all the while hoping that it was the right direction. In those 15 minutes I turned back and asked for directions at an Esso. Only after failing to open the door myself and let the motorcyclist behind me PUSH it open. I don’t know why I pulled.

I made it home safe and sound. Not the way I usually do, but it was direct none the less.
Looking out into Vieux Port
I just noticed the bird.

I was planning on going for a run to kill the time, but my quads were so sore and walking all this morning probably didn’t help the matter. I walked as briskly as I could around town. About 20 minutes of brisk walking and I was out of leg power and places to go.

I gathered Lou from school and we enjoyed our ritual afternoon snack at the kitchen counter. Then hung out until Alissa got home. Alissa still feeling ill, went to take a nap. She is still napping. I do not think I will be seeing her until tomorrow..

bad shot of how dense the population is.
so many houses, apartments, you name it.
Pierre randomly showed up and then left with his bike. Only to return with Marie-Anne about an hour later, with the bike. Marie-Anne made supper as she likes to do on Fridays and we all (minus Alissa who was sleeping) enjoyed a meal.

Everyone ‘did their thing’ once all was cleaned up and petered off to bed one by one.

Now it is my turn.

Once I get the photos for today up and the ones for yesterday (I was having major technical difficulties).

Good night to all. And to all who are 7 hours behind me, enjoy the rest of your afternoon, evening and night to come!

10:21 pm

La Canabiere


  1. Love the story of the gypsies :)
    And that strike is pretty crazy. Did it work? Did the people get their way?
    About the weather: let's just say I brought out my wool jacket today (the one that matches yours).
    Finally, good work on the pictures, they're lookin spiffy!

  2. Very good photos. Gives us a glance of france and of your life there. Also enjoy the narrative.Very discriptive. Josephine

  3. Thank you for the compliment. Its kind of hard choosing what to say because there is so much to say and I don't want to have you reading for hours! But I believe I'm doing alright with it.
    No idea about the strike results. People are obviously still out there and we still have our electricity and internet. One could google these things.. if they were inclined to at the moment haha