Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toilet Room.

Time : 9:19pm

Date : 9th November 2010

Location : Sitting on my temporary bed in my temporary room in my semi temporary home.

Weather : Its nice inside, outside its dark. And a tad chilly. Around 8 degrees I think.

Today I landed in Paris. The flight was ok. Watched some movies, slept a bit. The guy beside me really wasn’t all too interesting. Apart from our brief “Hello, I see that I’m sitting next to you”s all he did was read the New York Times, and sit. I don’t believe he slept. And yes. There was a crying baby right near me. Again.

Paris airport reminded me of a space ship. I felt like I was inside one, it’s very domed and has a lot of glass. How descriptive.

Oh, also, I love airplane food. I had the most delicious chicken and penne in tomato sauce with the moistest brownie ever. I couldn’t even lick it off my spoon it was so moist and sticky. Something weird though; cubed carrots, possibly turnip, I am unsure, definitely peas and some red pepper, all in a kind of coleslaw vinaigrette. Those of you who know my Grandma Dawson’s coleslaw, yeah, thats what it was like. Right sauce, wrong veggies.

Speaking of peculiar food, so in the Paris airport, I wasn’t hungry until 10 minutes before my plane was to board (and they boarded 5 minutes early!!) I began to starve. I had had about three hours to get food, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Until then that is. So I chugged ‘er to the nearest lil fresh & natural food deli/cafĂ© and grabbed a Monaco timbouli(?) Salad with some yogurt dressing on the side. It looked promising. So I try it without the dressing, and it tastes alright. Something was a little off though. I put on the dressing and keep eating. Still, something is off. I think to myself “This really tastes like smoked salmon.”. I decide to read the label to see what is actually in it, and I kid you not, right beside tomatoes : Smoked Salmon. Yummoh.

First View of the Mediterranean
I’d love to tell you all about the short flight from Paris to Marseille, and how wonderful it was. But I was asleep before we took off and woke up well into the descent only because my clogged sinuses were not allowing my ears to pop and I was in pain. Not to help the situation, the screaming toddler in front of me, who upon boarding the plane threw a fit that I can only assume went well into my nap over not getting to sit beside the window, was screaming again. I’m pretty sure children sound a lot meaner when they’re screaming in French.

But I did see the Mediterranean for the first time. It was reflecting the sun very well and blinded my freshly awoken eyes a teensy bit.

I finally met Marie-Anne. She gave me one of those Kiss-Kisses. One for each cheek. I felt so French. Then we drove back home, here.

Marseille is so beautiful. Well, the little that I saw. The trees here are SO GREEN and to contrast the color wheel there is red rock and cliffs. Luynes, the town that we live in, is pretty much still in Marseille. Comparable to Saskatoon and Martensville, only way more beautiful and lacking semi trucks.

I don’t even know how to describe the town, but I’ll give it a shot. Ok, I’m trying to think, but my descriptive gland seems to be not working. All I can think of is everything is orangey pink. And the houses kind of look like town houses, but they’re all separate. Ours is nice, cozy. Well actually, there are 4 bedrooms, an open living room – dining room – kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet room, and 1 bath and toilet room. The backyard has nice trees, there are a couple olive trees and I believe I saw some bamboo. Oh, and a pool.

Toilet room. Yes, I can sense curiosity a couple thousand miles away. Toilet room. That pretty much explains it. Just a little room and all it has is a toilet. I got up to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I didn’t. Pretty awesome eh?

Marie-Anne is very nice. She took a lot of care to make sure I knew where everything was and gave me a very good tour of the home before she left for work again. It sounds as of she’s done a bit of travelling, which I will be sure to ask her about soon.

Lou is well, she’s pretty awesome. She is 9 years old, and very much alive. Her, Alissa and I played a board game, and it ended up being quite interesting even though the game itself is ridiculously simple. And she likes Grey’s Anatomy, so we watched an episode of that then ran upstairs to play Post Office for about an hour.

Alissa is the other girl au-pair that came when I was unable to back in September. We haven’t talked much yet, but she gets along with Lou very well and is very pleasant. She’s from Germany.

Marie-Anne has two older children, Alexandra and Pierre, but they’re away at school. I do believe that they will be back for the weekend to meet me.

As you can tell, this wasn’t posted on the 9th. Marie-Anne showed me how to get the WIFI working here, but somehow I couldn’t get it. Oh well. I also couldn’t get the phone to work. I hope this trend isn’t all the rage.

Anyways, the three went out to the theatre tonight. They had offered to get me a ticket too, but I declined. If I sat down in a dark room I will konk right out.

Speaking of which, I’ve had minimal collective sleep in the last two days, so I think I am going to call it a night.

9:49 pm. There are 2 turtles in my room. And they are alive.

PS. An airbus has two rows of three seats. Whereas the plane from Saskatoon to Toronto had only 2. And the Toronto – Paris plane was 2 on each side then 4 in the middle.


  1. The French screaming may seem meaner, but I can already tell that the Frech food tastes better!! Airport food, really! And what's up with those French turtles? Enquiring minds want to know....

  2. Oh man that salad sounds so good...
    And I can imagine just what your little town would look like!
    I'm so jealous.. every morning I wake up and think to myself "Good morning world. You seem decent today... but it's not France"