Saturday, November 27, 2010


Time : 9:54 pm

Location : Kitchen Counter

Weather : Raining frogs, but not cold frogs.

I thoroughly enjoyed today. It was a most excellent day in the simplest way.

I got to sleep in a bit today. I could have slept well into the afternoon if I wanted to, and if it was possible for me.

I got up feelin’ pretty good. Enjoyed my breakfast nice and slow and took my time getting myself together. One of those just enjoying ‘being around’ mornings, ya know? Somewhere in between breakfast and getting ready all my energy just left. I finished getting ready, and went on to watch one of my favourite movies; Edward Scissorhands.

Quick comment: Tim Burton is probably my favourite director. Granted he is the only the director that I can say I like, because I just do. If you threw out another’s name and said “What do you think of his/her work?” I’d hafta say, “Who?”.

Long comment: Did you know that DVDs are not a universal affaire? I do now. I went to play my DVD in the DVD player, and it said something about check region code. I had no idea what meant, but I am also really bad at getting DVD players to work for some reason. So I tried another disk of mine, still no positive result. I used my laptop. Later I asked Marie-Anne what that meant, and well, apparently the world has been cut in half for DVDs (and probably other things too). She said that most DVDs from America (I’m assuming this regards all of North America and not just the States) will not play in the players here. Weird eh? And slightly inconvenient.

Marie-Anne’s friend, Laurence, is over for the weekend so she made us a lovely lunch. Lunch seems to be The Meal here. I can now say that I LOVE and have eaten Swordfish. At least I think that was what it was. Either way, very delicious. It tasted a little salty, and was very tender, nice and flaky. Excellent. I recommend you try it ever if you get the chance.

While sitting enjoying lunch, I just so happened to be gazing out of the window and I saw something wonderful: snow: tiny flakes were flowing in the wind. They melted as they hit the ground, but sure enough, there it was. My first snowfall here. Too bad it did not last and was soon replaced with a light sprinkle of rain, that also did not last.

Of course by the time we finished lunch it was well into the afternoon. I promptly headed out to Aix as I had planned once everything was cleaned up.

I think there was some kind of winter carnival going on in the downtown. There were all kinds of children’s rides on the sidewalks and squares were full of small performances and tents full of worldly crafts and goods for sale. One of the main streets had become a Christmas market (which is a bunch of generic shacks all done up and selling their Christmas doodads on the sidewalk). Along with all the wonderful food booths of cotton candy, candy apples, roasted nuts, popcorn, chocolate covered Belgian waffles, churros and many other things that were very ordinary for carnival events, and other things that I am getting the vibe are very French.

I loved walking around, taking it all in. There were so many people around all having a great time and everyone created a delightful atmosphere. I browsed through shops as well, enjoying looking at everything. I am getting very good at being a tourist.

The streets, wet from the rain, made all the night lights, Christmas lights and traffic lights reflect and created a gorgeous scene as the sun set.

I met up with Marie-Anne and Laurence at Le Cezanne to watch Les Petits Mouchoirs (Little Tissues, literally.). Since it is a French movie, and I doubt anyone reading this blog is going to see it anytime soon, I’ll give a quick run down. So, if you are planning on seeing it, spoiler alert begins here. Next paragraph will be safe for your eyes. So, it was about eight friends, all around the same age, middle aged, some with spouses, some not, some happy, some not, some changing between the two. A tragic event right before their annual summer getaway gravely injured one of the eight, making them seven on the trip. Drama ensues as past demons and memories are awakened and well, seven (plus three kids) people living together for weeks can cause a bit of stress. Everyone’s stories intertwining made it full of twists and turns. It was a fairly long, about t tow and a half hours but it did not feel long, which is a good thing.

I recommend seeing it.

After the movie we parted only to rejoin at home. The drive home was rainy and it is still rainy now.

Marie-Anne and Laurence went out for supper, and I stayed here. Content. It’s really wet and I’m wiped. All the wondrous sight seeing tired me out. Oh, and I was planning on littering this entry with more photos than pictures, but sure enough, my camera battery was dead. I did not even get one picture. Maybe I will go back tomorrow just to walk around and take photos. I think it is the last day for the carnival too.

Well, that was my day.

And to brighten some people’s day, I was unsuccessful with buying a Pink Floyd CD. Haha, I just can’t seem to find one here, which of course only makes me want one more.

That’s that way she goes, the way she goes.

Bonne nuit!



  1. C'est la vie, mon amie. (LOVED saying that all the time in QC)
    It's a good excuse for a quest though: The quest to find Pink Floyd. Sounds fantastic to me. The type of thing that would have turned into a S. Assignment back in the day.

    Swordfish sounds sweet too! I'm so jealous.. maybe there's some pickled swordfish or something you could send with that Brioche? ;)
    Just kidding, you don't have to haha I imagine it's probably pretty costly.

    I'll start writing a reply to your letter tomorrow hopefully.
    Miss you man.

  2. I have a feeling if i sent you pickled swordfish itd end up being just like pickled herring. Which i LOVE. and now I am craving it.. DANG!
    Man you were so close to breaking rules 1 and 2. But thats ok, I am too. But its all borderline so it is okay.
    I gotta get on that.
    Miss you too my Gnome. <3 <3
    You need to get skype yo.