Monday, November 22, 2010

Found the coffee maker.

Time : 9:41 pm

Location : My desk, oddly enough

Weather : Probably hovering a couple degrees above zero, and I am, oddly enough, not chilled to the bone. Acclimatisation?

Unlike yesterday, today was fulfilling.

The Single Rose
I got Lou off to school and I finished watching the Finale for season 1 of Glee. For those of you who don’t know what Glee is, it is a musical TV show about a Glee club and all the drama that occurs within the club and from the exterior as well. It is very interesting and, if you know me, I love musicals. It is a match made in heaven. I was half way through the Finale last night when my minutes on the internet site ran, leaving me hanging off a cliff. I had to finish today.

Very content, I went for a run. I ran to the post office and around my new route then headed out of town on a road that I drive daily and Marie-Anne recommended to run on, during the day. I had actually wanted to head up into the hills a bit on an adjacent road, but I was interested in following this path at the moment. I really enjoy going for a run with a field full of fog on my left and sheep bawing at me from some where in the hill on my right. You know I bawed back.

I did some research on driving here and permits needed. Nothing overly interesting so I’ll leave it at that.

I found the coffee maker. We can all stop worrying about my lack of real coffee here. Tea and espresso are no replacements for a good cup o’ joe in the mornin’. So, the coffee maker only made 3 full cups of coffee. And I used a tea filter instead of a coffee filter. I didn’t even know there were tea filters.. And I used espresso instead of coffee grounds. But it turned out. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee so much. I was feeling very content again.

Olives + Birdfeeder =
Lunch time >:)
Then I went for a nice 20 minute walk. And I pondered. I came up with a lot of good stuff to write about today, commentary and what not, but I can not seem to recall any of it.

I found a copy of La Monde de Sophie in the toilet room today. If you’ve ever read Sophie’s World, but they’re the same book. One of those days in ODS when we were trapped in a room for hours on end, with no exposure to the outdoors sending our minds all loopy, and we were discussing the Tragedy of the Commons, I believe Sophie’s World came up in the very philosophical discussions we were having. I have been meaning to read it ever since. Now seems like the perfect time to broaden my philosophical horizons. Which is fairly unusual for me, I think. I don’t take myself for the philosophical type.

I made a water-color painting today. It is of one of the photos I took the day we went to the Mediterranean. It turned out ok. I’ve never been overly skilled at painting, or anything artsy, but I think the job I did will do. The great thing about water-color is you can always fix it later if you are so inclined.

While researching, I Googled (Microsoft Word really needs to add Google and all of it’s verbs, I’m tired of seeing red misspelling marks on my drafts) the route to Lou’s theatre class. Seeing as it was Monday, she had theatre class after school.

An explanation of the afterschool time is no longer needed. It is the after-theatre time that got interesting.

So I Googled the way there. Not the way back. Thankfully I had a map of Aix with me and the way back was pretty much exactly the same, just different side of the highway. Simple. Well yeah. Unless you’re me and somehow take the wrong exit, end up going down the highway in the opposite direction for 10 minutes (without an exit), drive through numerous unfamiliar towns, get back to Aix somehow, mostly by luck, and then take the longest way back home possible. What should have taken me 15 minutes took me 45. Atleast it made for a semi-interesting story. Marie-Anne found it amusing too. And now I know which exit to take. Everyone wins.
The Coffee Maker.

Marie-Anne soon returned home and we had a delicious supper. And now here I am. Exercising my fingers on the keyboard.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I think I will exercise my fingers on the piano. There’s some Beatles sheet music lying around that is itching to be tinkered with.

We’ll see.

Today was indeed fulfilling.

Report for today finalized.

10:04 pm


  1. This sounds so peaceful..
    A run through fog fields with sheep (&returned their calls!), philosophical books, watercolour painting and dreams of piano playing. Your pictures of the rose and birdhouse add a serene effect as well.
    Hell, you even sounded relaxed about getting lost.
    I know I've said this a million times before, but I am infinately jealous.
    ALTHOUGH, I finally figured out what my essay will be on, so that's a bonus. (I'm sure you're enthralled.)
    Good night yo <3,,

  2. It was indeed a very serene day. Much like today..