Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Arry Pottere

Entry for November 26th 2010. Due to blog mal-functioning it was posted in the morning instead of the night.

Time : 11:45 pm

Location : my desk

Weather : really nice out, no wind, nice temperature. Perfect.

Today was fairly relaxing.

I went for my run pretty early, I was out the door by 8:50 am. It was a little cold, but I warmed up quickly. On the plus side, I might have to wear my insulated running tights if it somehow manages to get any colder in the mornings.

The rest of my day was really lax. I got all my stuff around the house done, checked up on some touristy things to do in Aix.

I found a copy of When Harry Met Sally in the living room and was feeling really tired so I popped it in and snuggled in with a cup of tea. It was really good. I found it rather sad actually. Of course by the end it was happy, but just the whole movie seemed sad. Good storyline though. I’d recommend it. Also, I think Billy Crystal played Miracle Max in the Princess Bride. They have the exact same voice.

Apart from taking Lou her bag of sleepover things to school at 4:30pm, that was pretty much most of my day for that portion of the day. I did walk around town as per usual. Unfortunately nothing interesting happened or was bothering my sinuses.

Once the evening came on I headed off to Aix to go see Harry Potter 7. I was 100% certain of the route, I go to the theatre and everything was alright. Only thing was, I was still in my car. The street that was full of parking spaces when we went to a movie a week or so ago was now full to the brim. I somehow forgot that we went on a Tuesday and this was a Friday. It took me quite some time to find a parking spot. I ended up parking underground. There is this HUGE underground parkade that is 5 levels underground. I’ve never been so far underground in a vehicle. I don’t think I have at least.

Luckily there was barely a line up at the ticket booth, and to even help the matter more, some guy opened a register right when I got there so I only had to wait for one person to buy a ticket then I was in the cinema. Excellent timing.

I won’t say much about the actual movie to avoid a spoiler. But I will say that I really enjoyed it. If you know me, I really get into movies. I was sitting on my hands, hands covering my eyes so I couldn’t see, hands covering my whole face (I don’t know why..), hands over my ears! I was on the edge of my seat, flinging myself back in relief and laughing at myself for being frightened of something not frightening at all. The woman beside me, who was with her little children, spent more time looking over at me to make sure I was ok than at her own kids.

Something I had not thought of was Harry Potter is supposed to be full of all these different accents. English, Irish, Scottish, other places. It is actually a very worldly film, if you think about all the characters. That was lost in the French translation of it. (Yes the movie was in French). Harry and Ron sounded like they came from the same place, as did Hermione. Which was kind of too bad, but really, what are you going to do? I never considered that the different accents would be lost in the translation.

I made it home A-OK. No wrong turns, not missing exits. A-OK.

Thus, here I am, typing my lil’ day away.

And done and away it is.

Good Night!

12:05 AM


  1. You're getting old, my dear. I like When Harry Met Sally. Or am I still young? - I liked Harry Potter 7, too.

    Good to know I don't have to worry about you geting lost as regularly!

    Great that the weather is smartening up. We have tons of snow, but it's nice.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting old. Imma stay this way forever! You're juts getting younger.
    I did not get lost today, why? Well, I am starting to recognize the city! (Aix) which is a great thing! Saves gas and my stress level (not that I have one haha)!
    Yeah, great...its pouring like crazy right least its night, and not daytime.

  3. This thing should have a "like" button..