Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well it smells good.....

Time : 11:42 PM

Location : The bed

Weather : it was merely 9 degrees today, but it felt weather. I am maybe adjusting to the humidity?!!

Today being Wednesday Lou did not have school. Good thing too because my alarm was not properly set and will be going off tomorrow instead of today. Thankfully I woke up accordingly to the time.

We (Alissa and I) got Lou off to her gymnastics class then returned home for some late breakfast. Then we packed back up to return to Carrefour to exchange one of the tanks of propane for one that is actually propane and not some other gas. The ones we needed were red and when we went yesterday there was only one red one available. However, the guys working in the autoshop part of Carrefoure, which is right by the propane/gas station, told us that the yellow ones were the same gas and that it would all be ok. Neither of us having bought propane there before believed them. And why not? They were wearing uniforms with Carrefoure, they should know what they were talking about. Apparently they did not. Thankfully Marie-Anne knew right away when she saw it last night and nothing bad happened. There was no problem in exchanging the gases. Then we picked up Lou and headed home.

Not sure how it was possible..

After lunch we mixed up some brioche in the bread machine and left it to do its thing. I played a number of games with Lou all afternoon. Apparently she likes the youtube videos of Tete-a-Claques. If you know what I’m talking about, excellent, if not, its really nothing to sweat about.

Once the brioche was done and out of the bread maker, we had a little snack. I can spot right away what a ‘bad loaf’ looks like when it comes out of the bread maker. Nice and light colored on top, very smooth, and most noticeable of all; the lack of height. I knew this was a bad loaf and something had gone horribly wrong. I knew exactly how to remove the bread from the bread maker and how long to wait before removing the paddle. I saved the day and two other pairs of hands from being burnt by a hot loaf. I also had to cut the dense loaf into slices so we could have an afternoon snack. I did not have the heart to tell Lou that it did not turn out and this is not how brioche is supposed to be. I don’t actually know what brioche is supposed to be. But I really don’t think that anything is supposed to look like what that loaf did. But it was tasty!

After another hour or so of play we decided to start preparing supper. No idea what to cook I google for inspiration. My inspiration : fried rice and some kind of cooked carrots. Simple, easy and for sure a hit. What can go wrong?
Fried rice gone wrong.

A lot can go wrong.

For one, we didn’t have a great selection of vegetables for the rice.

Two, the wrong rice. Somehow instead of the rice being each individual rice, it tuned into a pate or something. WRONG RICE. It was like sticky rice. Just not going to happen.

Three, I couldn’t find 3/5 spices I needed for the carrots so I had to improvise. I think it worked out.. I’m not very good with spices..

Four, Nobody here knows what a tablespoon or a teaspoon is. This can’t actually go wrong. But it really slows down the process. Like A LOT.

Five, Again, the rice. You’ll see a photo.

Finally five, when a recipe for carrots says to reserve ½ cup of the cooking liquid aka the water used to steam it, then add it to the olive and spice mix to garnish it with, DON’T. We ended up with watered down cooked carrots. Might as well not have bothered with the spices at all!

So, nothing turned out. But it was an excellent use of an hour and a half in the kitchen. Three of us in about a little more than a meter square area, stirring and cutting and washing dishes (oh, there were so many dishes!!). And it’s the camaraderie and love that counts.
"Take a picture of me eating so
they can see how disgusting it is!"

Plus we found some mouldy cheese.

Oh what a day.

Bonne nuit!

12:01 AM


  1. Google "brioche", I think it is little pastry buns posibly with an escargot inside. "Things" are prepared "en brioche."

    The rice - have you ever tried pollenta? It rather looks like pollenta. Oh, well, like you said: it's about the cameraderie and love...unlike trying to get people off to practice and games and such....

  2. Oh goodness haha I love that I still get to hear your cooking stories. It's always an adventure.. like those peanut butter smoothies or the "smoothies" we tried to feed to Adrienne and Darian after they failed haha.
    Or that awesome, long& hilarious story you told about.. what was it.. making a salad? Or cutting veggies or something? Regardless, that was definitely a fave.
    Speaking of food, my mom made the BEST ginger cookies today. I found out when came home from work all stressed and such. Best thing to come home to ever! I ate at least five.. mmmmmm...
    Anyha, I'm sure that once you guys figure out details like teaspoons and tablespoons then it will be way easier to experiment with recipes and find out what she likes :)

  3. I tried a brioche bun thing from the bakery and it was quite tasty. What it was was more like a little mini bread. THen of course the bakery had put the eggwash or soemthing on top with little crumbles of something sweet to make it more like a dessert.
    BUT you can buy brioche loaf, just like a sweet bread. And its sliced. This morning ALissa and I tried toasting it, and it was very pleasant. The sugar made it nice and crispy. With a little butter very nice.
    I'm yet to hearof anything involving escargot or forg legs here.. :(
    I dont think Adrienne has trusted me since. Which makes me wonder why she lets me do her hair.. Oh wait, she doesnt.. haha
    AH YES the salad story! The one where I cut everything perfectly and thusly, including my thumb :P
    You should uh.. throw me that cookie recipe so i can make them :)
    I love your moms zucchini loaf haha

  4. PS my stories are unarguably the best.
    Hence the success of my blog.
    I guess alot more than the 4 followers have been reading :D :D :D

  5. Woo hoo! They should make profiles. Also, I told Emerald about it today when she was inquiring as to how you like Frence / how you're doing. So you might have one more follower :)
    Also: FedEx me a loaf of Broiche, kay? It sounds fantastic.
    And I'm sure within the 9months you're there you can find some escargot &/or frogs leggs. I have great confidence in you!
    I'll mail you the recipe along with the surprise I got you from the swap meet :)

  6. :D :D :D
    k, I'll send you some brioche. But it wont be the fresh kind from the bakery, By the time it gets to you itll be a rock of Brioche. Ill get the kind in a bag. Hopefully it wont go stale.
    I love the mail.
    I finally found out how to look at my stats for each day/week/month/year of people who read the blog.
    Apparently someone in South America has read it three times in the last month. haha cool eh ?