Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I traded Canada geese for magpies.

Time : 10:02 pm

Weather : lovely 6 C, outside. Not inside.

Location : Last time in this bed.

There was no school today. Which meant that my day was not nicely divided as it usually is. That is okay though, change is good.

I did have a major scare though. Lou and I were just playing picnic on the floor before gymnastics and I began to mentally prepare myself for the drive. I had driven the route before, but I just wanted to reassure myself. I managed to do just the opposite. I could not for the life of me remember the route. And to make things worse, I began to over work my brain and it started meddling other routes together. An example of what happened inside my brain is: a ball of yarn, nicely wound and neat, thrown around by a cat, now a lump of knots and mess, and discouraging just to look at.

In spite of a spaghetti brain, we hopped in the vehicle (I don’t think it is really a car..) and headed off. I let my senses guide me. So I closed my eyes and let my echo-location skills lead me in the right direction. We made it safe and sound. Although, after a second of echo-locating my route, I opened my eyes. Haha

Sadly I did not get to go for my run today. There were too many little things I had to get done while Lou was at gymnastics that I had no time left. Tomorrow though, tomorrow.

Quick poll; is frying chicken nuggets in butter healthier than cooking oil? I am pretty sure it, and tastier too. Well, apparently I am wrong. Guess who told me. She ate the nuggets anyways. Then made some more, and pretty much deep fried them. That is all.

I had found a children’s cinema event that is once a month and was hoping to go to that with Lou today. Too bad she did not want to go. She did not want to go to another movie either, or out for a walk. Or to make apple crisp. I think I shouldn’t ask anymore and just decide this is what is going to happen. I want apple crisp so badly right now. I wonder if they have rolled oats here in France..

The brown sugar is different. Ours is nice and moist (unless it is from our cupboard at home, then it is a hard ball, haha just jokes family) where as here its all small crystals. I feel like that would not work for apple crisp.

Highlight of the afternoon; moving all my stuff from Pierre’s old room to Alexandra’s old room. I like it better in there. I put all my stuff away in wardrobes and filled the shelves with my belongings. Although it was a very light task, I really enjoyed it. It felt good to put my stuff ‘away’.

Something exciting happened while Lou and I were hanging out in my room. A bird perched on the window sill. It looked here and there, and into the house. It hopped to and fro and pecked on the window. We went up to look at it, and it did not fly away. In fact it pecked again. So, through the window, we played with a bird. It looked like a magpie.
Caw Caw

During my run on Monday, I startled a flock of them from in a field/park. Instead of Canada geese, we have magpies. What a wonderful trade.

I ate a cannellini for the first time today. I was too excited. I’ve tried to make them for supper for the past three nights and it just did not work out. Finally, I tasted the dish. It was okay. Well, actually, it was alright. I just felt like I was eating a really poorly made lasagne.

For such a long day not much happened. This entry feels really short. And I can not find anything to comment on.

Sorry folks.



  1. Mind games...they trip us all up in the end.

    Woo, woo on the new room.

    Who's the Boss?? You tell her, Girl.

    Neat about the bird..."There's a bluebird on my windowsill and a rainbow in the sky"...Check that oldie's lyrics online when you're out of stuff to do.

    Are the brown sugar crystals like our white sugar or finer? We do have several different kinds here?

    And finally, have you tried baking the chicken nuggets in the oven like we do here? For your Poll: I wouldn't recommend either.

  2. Ill check the song out, no worries.
    As for the brown sugar, its not as fine as our white granulated sugar. But it also isnt sticky like our brown (golden) sugar.
    I baked everything in the oven last night for supper. No way am I going to fry.

  3. Man, when I was her age there is no way I would have been thinking about the healthiest way to cook something haha. I would have been pumped if you made me chicken nuggets! She may just be ahead of the game though, but regardless, I'm sure her metabolism can handle a few nuggets.

    Personally I always thought magpies were crafty looking birds. Like they're scheming all the time. Are they the same ones that collect shiny things?

    Hanging out w/the Slugman tonight, I'll send him your greetings (even though I was supposed to to that quite awhile ago I think)

  4. Magpies are crafty. And they like shiny bright things. Which is probably why there are so many around me all time :P mk bad joke.
    I don't think she was actually worried about being healthy, more of just getting on my case for no apparent reason.
    Slugman & the Gnome. What a lovely pair. :P haha yeah, you were supposed to send my greets ahile ago. Well, maybe. I think.