Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is not an illness. This is Tim Hortons withdraw.

Time : 9:09pm thats better..
Location : Kitchen counter
Weather : a really warm wind and the thermometer reads 15.1 C. nice.

Today as well was very relaxing. Took my time this morning/afternoon getting together and all. Then just hung out around the house. Not wanting to get sicker I took it very easy.
All day I had mini mishaps, as I usually do. Here is a quick recap of the most note worthy.

Night time down town

- I could not get the espresso machine to function for the life of me. :(
- While microwaving some milk for my tea, OPTIQUICK, which is the 40 second long quick heat, boiled it over / explode all over the microwave resulting in needing a full cleaning.
- Wanting to warm up a crepe, I OPTIQUICK-ed it, a poor deicison from the start. I turn around for one second and then find my crepe completely burned to a crisp right onto the revolving plate. I should have known better than to not use my own plate. Microwave cleaning number 2.

Town Square

Also, I am starting to think that this is not an illness, this is simply Tim Hortons withdrawl. It's been nearly a week since I've had any Tim's product. I miss it.
Come nearly evening, I ventured out for a quick walk around town to stretch my legs and get some air. Night had fallen half way through my walk and I tried out the slow shutter speed a couple times. Not getting great results I carried on.
 Upon returning home, I made a soup. Free style. I threw in some potatoes, a carrot, some shallots as well as some other things. It was of course, quite tasty.
Well, everyone is filtering home now.
I'll leave it at that.
Good night.

slow shutter speed


  1. I always knew Tim's was addictive
    It's their secret ingredient I tell you!
    Withdrawal.. oh my. Remind me never to drink Tim's, mmk?

    Kidding, don't worry.

    Sidenote: I won gold in sparing in the Sikaran tournament this weekend :)

    congrats mind frond!
    I am proud of you :) :) :)