Thursday, November 18, 2010


Time : 8:52 pm Early, I know, but hey, Lou’s in bed!

Location : a comfy chair in the living room

Weather : not bad. Steady 11 degrees all day, maybe dropped a few by now

Today Today Today

What did I do today?

Saskatoon compared to Luynes.
Same zoom, you can barely
spot Luynes

Oh yeah, took Lou to school, as per everyday. She didn’t want the freshly squeezed orange juice that I made for her, so I drank it when I got back.

Alissa and I went on to do our daily ritual of our later breakfast. Today we experimented with toasting brioche in the toaster. Our results : Success!! The sugar in brioche (Oh, this brioche was bought. In a bag. Like wonder bread. ) made it nice and crispy and was absolutely delicious with a little bit of butter.

We hung out until she left for her French course in Aix. I could have gone along and walked around Aix, but I had other plans.

I’ve been feeling a lot better lately. I owe it all to the salt water gargles three times a day. I decided to stretch my legs a little and start my running routine that I’ve wanted to but into action for months but had been too busy working day and night (literally) to have the time or energy.

I started out with a lap of the town. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that before. Not satisfied yet, I did an extra lap here and there along the main roads. I don’t know if it is common for people, maybe just girls, to be running around at lunch time because I got a couple of weird looks. I will have to ask Marie-Anne when she gets home. Those of you who would go to yoga classes with me will be happy to know that I did a little bit of yoga along with my post run stretches. It felt so good to finally get moving. I missed it so much!

Luynes to Lakeview

Oh, and in Saskatoon the campaign the city has to get everyone out and exercising is In Motion. I’m sure you’ve seen the gorgeous orange shirts around town. Well, here it is BOUGE! Which literally means MOVE! Its blunt. It must work.

I spent the rest of the afternoon researching where to get a decent yoga class around here. I can tell you right away, it isn’t in Luynes. I found a couple of options in Aix that even offer free first session or two. I will definitely be taking them up on that haha.

While out on my run I noticed that it took me about the same time to run around the town as it does to run around Lakeview. So, Google being my best friend helped me compare the two. First I started off with comparing Saskatoon to Luynes. In order to get all of Saskatoon on the map, you can barely spot Luynes (I made sure they were on the same zoom). Then I went on to compare to Lakeview and sure enough, they’re roughly the same size. I found it kind of funny that my home neighbourhood is the same size as a town.

Later I picked up Lou from school and we came home for a little snack. I’ve eaten all the fruit in the house yet again. I feel bad but I can’t help my healthy habit.

Lou loves to sing and dance and be dramatic. And apparently she likes singing karaoke. If you know me, I do not like karaoke at all, but I am willing to make sacrifices. Especially when the outcome is a content Lou. So karaoke it was, singing and dramatizing in front of my laptop using Youtube videos as our karaoke machine. It was actually kinda fun.

Brioche in a bag.
Like wonderbread.
But tasty when toasted.

Once the evening set in, well, since evening starts around 5pm now, once it was pretty much night, we made some pizza for supper. Did you know that you can buy pizza in a box? And I’m not talking about the frozen pizzas. In the box was a little jar of sauce and a tube, similar to a Pillsbury croissant container, and inside of it was the pizza dough. I unravelled it as Lou directed, and I just knew something was either going to explode or pop or spill all over me from the way she backed away and was looking at me with that smile, but I did it anyways. Sure enough there was a loud pop, I was scared of course, and the pizza dough slowly fell out of the tube. Then Lou actually unrolled it. I’ve never seen anything of the like before. Then we garnished the pizza, karaoke-ed some more then ate.

European pizza is like a cracker to me. A thick cracker. I’m pretty sure the cracker-cheese-ham-pickle combos at home are more hefty than the pizza here. All we put on the pizza was sauce, a teensy bit of cheese, I didn’t even taste it, and some tomatoes. I would not call that pizza. Well actually I would, but you get the point.

After supper we hung out a little bit with Alissa, she got home just in time for supper, then Lou went to bed.

Satisfying? Yes.

Lou has finally warmed up nicely to me, and I do not mind.

That is all I have to report for today.


  1. Did you take your cook books? You have a good recipe for pizza dough in them. You should make them a real pizza.
    And of course she warmed up to you, you lovable, likable you!
    Glad to hear you're running again. Good stuff.

  2. You know I brought my cookbooks. I tried to go for a run today, but my quads are sooooo sore. Walking around MArseilles all morning prolly didn't help. No run today, I tried, but no run.

  3. That's great that you're running again. I'm so jealous that you can run outdoors.. we had our first snow dumping here yesterday.
    Take it slow though man. You gotta get back into da riddim ( -> )

    Also, you should have put some spices on that pizza! Experiment, spices are fun :)

  4. We have no spices :O
    PS lovethe link