Tuesday, November 23, 2010

feelin a lil topographical.

Time : 9:51 pm

Location : kitchen counter

Weather : Probably still windy at a nice 7 degrees.

I quite enjoyed today. Not as much as yesterday, but what can ya do?

I set right off to the bank today before I did anything other than drop Lou off. I need to get a bank account here. Something that I’ve noticed, that if a business’s doors aren’t already opened, you have to be buzzed in. The bank and dentist are like that. Odd eh?

I had no luck at the bank for the day, but I have an appointment on Friday. Which is good because after I talked to the woman I realized I should consult with Marie-Anne about friendly banks.

The very friendly cleaning woman came today since it was a Tuesday. We chatted a bit while she cleaned. Then I headed out for my run in the hills that I had wanted to do yesterday.

I had a very good run. I ran uphill for what seemed like forever and was kind of discouraging. I really don’t like running hills, but I also do. Its weird. Anyways, I ran forever going up. I think it took me 10 minutes to run out of town and up the hill to the top. That’s a lot of up hill. The rest was very beautiful. A rolling hill top that had me looking out into what I think is an ancient river valley that headed out to sea. And to the other side, I could see out to other hills and finally the mountain Saint Victoire. It was very beautiful. Some day when I have nothing to do and want to walk for a couple hours I’ll return and photograph.

When I thought about that ancient river valley, my thoughts once again turned towards ODS times when my group studied the Saskatchewan River Valley’s make up. We looked at many topographical maps and were able to see where other rivers had once flowed. I would really like to get my hands on one for this region. I can only imagine how interesting it would be..

Once I got home and all cleaned up, I headed out to Carrefour, one of the bigger grocery stores, like Wal-Mart, to get some items for myself. I haven’t been able to find any glue sticks in this house. And I wanted some pencil crayons.

By the time I got home, I took my time browsing around, I did not have much time. Marie-Anne said I was to make supper today and I was excited about making something grand. I keep forgetting what we have in the fridge as well as it is probably not going to help me make up my mind on what to make. I was left undecided.

Once I got Lou from school, we hung out around home waiting for Marie-Anne to return and take us to her dentist appointment. I killed some time by making a cucumber salad. I knew that Lou was not going to like how ‘saucy’ it is, but really, cucumber salad is supposed to be ‘saucy’ and sure enough she didn’t, once we ate it. Also, we don’t have any White Vinegar. Instead I used some other kind. And there was a difference. I was sniffing all the vinegars to see which one was the closest and Lou promptly directed me to the closest one. I don’t know why I trusted her. There was no way she knew what I was talking about. Anyway, it was the wrong vinegar. And very strong too. Not a good mix. Once supper came around she barely ate it. I made sure to eat two helpings right in front of her. Staring her in the eye with every bite and relishing the saucy-ness. I’m kidding about the lest sentence.

I made sure to pay oodles of attention to the route to the dentist so I could get back myself (Marie-Anne had to go back to work). Turns out it was just a straight route. No twisty turns and changing of highways. I was happy.

I resorted to some pasta as another dish for supper. Lou doesn’t eat a lot and they needed to be used up. Easy and quick. Perfect for supper after 8 pm.

And that was about it.

Oh, commentary time!! Probably more interesting than my actual day haha

- Kids with backpacks with wheels. They are all the rage. I really really really dislike them. They’re loud and completely ruin the idea of a BACKpack.

- I found out how people cook here. They either eyeball every ingredient, or they weigh it on a scale. I think measuring spoons and cups are way more efficient. Then again, everyone here is laid back.

- Cahiers; they are all supplied with really comfy looking chairs and sit. I could not imagine sitting on my bum for hours on end cashiering. The good part about standing up is that you can pace and step from side to side and change how you’re standing. Sitting and only lead to slouching that only leads to further back problems. I am not in favour.

- It is 7 C and people are wearing parkas. I may have been an icicle at 10 C, but I was sick. Now I am a heater thanks to my running. Comment : People look funny in puffy coats when I know its plus temperatures.

Commentary and entry finito.

No photos today. Sorry y’all!



  1. I'm learning about customs the French people have. What would they think if they came here. When I was a year older than you I spent a summer in Mexico City. Our House Mother (we were too young to be considered adults) took us out for dinner. They called an evening meal dinner. We left the house around 6 pm and didn't arrive back untill close to 10 pm. Travelling took maybe 30 minutes. The rest was in the restaurant. Wait to be seated.Wait for the menue, the server, the food, ect.,ect. We learned when you went out for dinner you went out for the evening. This was there custom. Keep up with the blogs. josephine

  2. Haha your bit about the parkas reminds me of the Alaskan cruise I went on in gr8 when all teh americans were out in their parkas on the only day that it was below 10 or 15 degrees ish. So funny, they were serving coffee and hot chocolate on the deck too. Meanwhile us canadians were still running around in t-shirts and maybe a light sweater. So funny.
    Also, cashiers sit down in germany too. I remember thinking that it would have been good when I was a cashier at Zellers, because after 8hours standing in one spot my feet were sore!

  3. Oh I am learning so much about the French. It is really quite interesting, and I only get a fraction of it on to here, which is unfourtunate.
    Today I didn't wear a sweater when I gto Lou from gymnastics, which I thought was ok. Until I went inside to find all the parents wearing jackets. It was even sunny!!
    My feet wouldnt get sore, but my back would. I still think it would be worse sitting with a sore back AND bum. haha

  4. I have a kid in my Kindergarten class who has a backpack on wheels. It is too heavy for him to wear since it is full and over half his heigth. I bet it weighs more that him, too.

  5. yeah, there are kids here like that too. I really don't like those backpacks..