Saturday, November 13, 2010


Right by my house
 Time : 10:59 pm oooh soo late...
Location : kitchen counter for once
Weather : windy, I can see a plant moving. Haven't been outside for hours though..

Today was off beat.
I planned on getting up at 9am and have a swift start to my day, but an unlucky snatch of sickness in the night had me up until 3am coughing my lungs out. I did not rise until 10:30am, and by the time I got myself put together it was already past 1pm.

I went for my leisurely stroll around the town. Took me about an hour. I took a couple photos here and there. I was hoping on being able to check out the little stores here so that I could take note of what they have to offer for future reference, but I had forgotten that "Nobody works in France" and all but the fresh vegetable and fruit store was closed. My second plan was to sit for a bit in a little cafe, sitting espresso and taking in the scenery, but the one cafe I found turned out to be more of an actual restaurant, so I passed.
The expression "Nobody works in France" is very true. Most businesses are open maybe a full nine to five, weekdays only, with one to two hours for lunch. The nine to five hours are iffy; I'd say give or take to your luck.

Do you know what kind of tree this is?

Also, the fresh fruit and vegetable stores. Back home we have grocery stores right? You have your produce, dairy, dry goods, and maybe a little hardware and miscellaneous goods, this being say a small grocery store or a "corner store". Yes, I have gone to a full grocery store, similar to a Superstore or Extra Foods, but primarily there are these fresh produce stores. These stores carry very fresh produce, pretty much straight off the farms. There is little processing involved. There is no packaging, no plastic and little trimming. Yesterday I saw a celery stalk that still had its leaves (!!!!!). My point exactly. Also, the stores carry local meats, canned goods, maybe spices and definitely wine. Keep in mind, everything is local. You see no brand named lettuce or the like.

Catching the ringing phone as I got home, Lou called me from her father's for lunch time. Yes, mid-afternoon lunch. Definitely my style for the day. Lou met me half way of the 3 minute walk, and caught me snapping photos. Alex, JB and Pierre were all hanging around; enjoying one's company and Philippe was busy in the kitchen when I arrived. 

All the homes are walled in. Just an example of it and how each yard varies by taste.

Philippe really loves cooking. He likes to try new things on a whim as well as mixing types of food. Alex says his best recipes are usually the simplest of ingredients that you would never think of using together. Needless to say I was looking forward to the meal.

The first dish was a risotto and beet mix. I was a little doubtful seeing as I am not a fan of beets, but it was indeed delicious. Following was more of an experience than a dish. Oysters. When they asked if I like oysters I said that I do. I LOVE eating those little smoked oysters out of the can, maybe on a cracker with some jelly. Here JB brings out a knife and Philippe puts a large bag on the table. Next thing I know they're cracking open LIVE oysters and we're slurping them down. I was not disgusted by the way that it slid down my throat before I had a chance to chew it, but the saltiness caught me a little off guard. These were not my little smoked oysters. After two I had had enough. Not that I didn't like them, but I knew that there were people who would treasure them more than I. People such as Alex. Once the slurping was all done with, the final dish was put on the table; baked salmon. Here the simplest of ingredients made for a delicious meal.
If you are in doubt, I will say again, this was for lunch.

French man holes?

A while later they packed up to go for a walk, and I headed back home. Still feeling quite ill with this nasty cough, I retired to my quarters for a couple hours, drifting in and out of sleep according to my breathing while attempting to watch an episode of Glee.
Slowly the day went by, and here I am. Don't fret. I was not bedridden. Just very fatigued.
As I still am, heading off to bed. Hopefully without contest to this cough.
Muah Muah
11:24 pm

En route to Philippe's


  1. French/fresh oysters. My, my. You are becoming a real gourmand. Maybe you should take cooking lessons from Phillipe? I hope you are on a two-meal-a-day plan with lunches like that. Perhaps that's why supper, or should I say dinner, is so late there.

  2. Dont worry. Those are only chez Philippe, and the other meals really aren't like that. I'm watchin it, don't you worry haha