Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Il Reste du Jambon?

Time : 1:03 AM entry for 16th November 2010

Location : my bed

Weather : A little chilly, no wind for once

Today started out well. I got Lou to school in one piece, meaning that my driving is improving. Driving standard is in fact not like riding a bike.

7/7 but not 24/7  :(
Alissa and I stopped by Carrefoure (equivalent to Wal-Mart or Superstore) to get some propane for the house. We ran out last night and were unable to make tea on the stove this morning. Somehow OPTIQUICK-ed water just isn’t the same.. So we got the propane at Carrefour and continued to look inside the shopping center. WE looked through a couple stores, and as always, I took note of what was available. Then we actually went in Carrefour and browsed the movies. For those of you that enjoy the hit TV show Skins, I saw a rare copy of Season 2 episodes 1 through 10 for sale at 20 euros aka 30$ CND. Almost bought it, but decided not to seeing as season 1 was way better.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out around the house and doing odd jobs here and there.

Once Alissa left to go to her course in Aix, I went for a leisurely stroll around the town. My main objective was to check out the local shops for once and mail a letter. We will know who the lucky recipient of the first letter is by two weeks from now. A mailed letter was the only success in my gander. Apparently the lunch hour is much longer than an hour in a small a town and it is customary for shops to remain closed until 3 pm, or maybe 4pm, depending. This walk occurred at 2:30 pm.

Like a couch
A slight bash to my driving confidence occurred when I met Alissa at the school to pick up Lou. As we were walking back to the car, Lou says to Alissa “Can you drive? It is much easier for me that way.” I guess my driving is not good enough for Lou. Oh well. Soon enough she’ll no other choice but to endure. And by the way, just because I stalled once or twice this morning does not mean I am a bad driver. I just lack practice wit h a standard.

Lou was not feeling well today. I think she was just tired, so playing with two nannies was too much. One of us was often told to go on their break from the Post Office while the other was the main attention provider. To alleviate Lou of this stress I took it upon myself to go and prepare a little something to spice up our supper. I took most of the odds and ends of the vegetables into a casserole dish to marinate in balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a little while (even though I’m not too sure if you can marinade vegetables.. ??) then popped them in the oven. Later stated by Lou at supper : “Balsamic kills food. “ I noticed her taking a second helping. Mission complete. Child eats their vegetables.

Once everything was cleaned up and I was going to start packing it up for the night, Alissa asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with her and Elizabeth in Aix. We had talked of it yesterday, but it hadn’t been brought up all day so I thought it had fallen through. Ten minutes later we are rushing off to get Elizabeth and view Il Reste Du Jambon?

Elizabeth and Alissa
Upon entering the cinema, somehow I managed to save myself a couple euros and pay student price for the movie instead of full admission even though I lacked a student card of any kind. Next we were offered an incredible deal on popcorn. Something I had never been asked before when getting popcorn : “Sucree ou Salee?” Which translates to “Sweet or Salty?”. I guess it is common to have both kinds of popcorn. I took sweet just to try it out and my verdict is that it is indeed quite tasty.

The movie was funny, but I fell asleep for the last 20 minutes. I was very tired and the seats, as you will see in a photo were more than your average cinema seats. I felt like I was on a cough. I actually thought they were couches until the end when they turned on the lights.

This has been my day. Tata!

1:25 AM

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