Monday, November 29, 2010

"where are you going?", "I dont know" .

Mt. Saint-Victoire
Time : 10:35 pm

Location : I claim this chair.

Weather : about 5 C. It was super nice out though today!!

Mmmmmmm today was so wonderful!!


I really wanted to try my hand at making some crepes, so I did. I found the simplest recipe on the internet (to assure that we had all the ingredients) and tried it out. 1 cup of flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, I eyeballed the vanilla, (hence them being tasty) and threw in some sugar. The recipe said nothing about sugar or vanilla, but I know they’re tasty!! Haha

The Bounty
So, my crepes didn’t turn out. Well they did, just more like pancakes than crepes. About the time I finished flipping the last one onto my tinfoiled stack, the reno guys had finished early for the day (some kind of complications or something??) and so we all left. Them in their truck, I went by foot.

This tree should be in one of
my backyards

I walked out of town the way that I run by. I headed up into the hill where I also run. This is all on the same route. I saw the lovely Mt. Saint-Victoire and many beautiful sights as you will see by the photos.

While walking I pondered a lot. Mainly reminisced of other past adventures I have been on in recent years. It was very nice. I was very happy walking and thinking to myself how lucky we are that the world is so beautiful.

Lunch Time

I made it to Narnia about an hour later (I was taking my time). Narnia is the name I have given that one particular spot of interest where there just so happens to be a Luynes town limits sign. Right in that area there is a T intersection and a small bridge so that the train can pass underneath. Being not European and thinking that train tracks are barely used, I thought about climbing down and crossing to sit on the opposite side.

Thankfully due to poor foot wear (flats) and treacherous terrain, I stayed on this side of the tracks. I made camp off the road where I was able to kind of swing my legs off of a kind of ledge. Not ten minutes later the first of nearly half a dozen trains went by in the following 15-20 minutes. It was around Noon to be fair.

I proceeded to chow down on my wonderful picnic I packed. It included some coffee (of course), the “crepes”, Nutella to go with, and a homemade fruit salad I cut up for something fresh. It was so delicious. I very much enjoyed it.

I sat there for about an hour and a half. I munched, wrote, gazed.

I felt like I was in ODS again, kind of. I had my backpack (and noted that other than a notebook and writing utensils, a waterbottle (not filled with water), a sit upon and sunglasses, I was missing next to all my Daily Essentials) and had headed off on my own little adventure, just like a Solo. I got there, did my little set up camp thing, once I chose my location and then I ate and thought. The thinking part is very key. I don’t think we realised it, but we learned to really think and get in tune with ourselves when we would go on those solos. At least I did. I enjoyed this moment(s) today quite a bit, if you can’t already tell.

 On the trek back, which somehow took almost the same amount of time even if I had drank all the coffee and really had to pee, I thought about a chapter in Sophie’s World that I had read.
Countryside.. while kind of still
being in town..

The chapter reflected on the idea that children and philosophers see the world differently than adults. The difference being that children and philosophers are (and allow) themselves to constantly look at the world a new and be amazed in all it’s beauty, wonders and world-ness (I lack a better word, or word at all). Whereas adults (no specification on when Adulthood is reached) are no longer as amazed by the wonders since they have already seen them.

Some of you know that in the morning times, while sitting at the breakfast table, I sometimes spurt incredible quotes of out no where. I don’t know if this is because I am still half asleep, or it is my truly brilliant mind just doing it’s thing. Anyway, this little view from Sophie’s World made me remember one of my quotes :

Today’s vision is blinded by the everyday.

Cool eh? I thought so.

When I got back I did some cleaning and home stuff. I had that nice fiery sensation on my skin that you get from being outdoors for hours, just knowing you’re full of freshness, and I itched for another walk. Not having much time before I had to fetch Lou, I made a quick jaunt to the post office, for the obvious reason, and returned, then left.

Actually an intense down hill

We got to theatre class, I hung out in the “lobby” and read more of Sophie’s World. A man pointed to the book and said “That’s hard.” I don’t know if he was referring to the contents of the book or to the fact that I had it paired with a French English Dictionary (I like to learn ok?). Either way, I agreed.

Sky was playin games

Getting home was well, kind of interesting. I made the same mistake as last week and went down the wrong highway. Luckily I knew what I was doing (funny idea; making a mistake but knowing what you’re doing) and got us back on track. All I need to do is learn the way home that doesn’t take half an hour.

The rest of the evening went on as usual; play, bath, (this is for Lou), supper, clean up, chill (aka do my photos and Blog, and email, and chat, oh boyyyyy) and go to bed.

Time to add photos and get sleep.

These legs are tired.


11:02 pm

I don't think these homes have changed
for centuries


  1. That day sounds like the most fantstic, beautiful, relaxing, gorgeous day ever. I wish I could do that instead of studying for finals and whatnot. Reading things like Sophie's World and taking time to learn on your own seems so much more rewarding. Or maybe I'm just grumpy cause I don't like my one SOC class haha. Silly degree requirements..
    Also, would you like me to send my mom's crepe recipe along with the recipe for cookies?

  2. yes i would very much :)
    thanks yo!
    this definetly beats studying haha