Saturday, November 20, 2010

Il tombe les cordes.

Time : 10:07 pm
Weather : Rainy. Very very rainy.
Location : switching between bedroom and living room and kitchen. Don’t know why.

Today was kind of glum.
Not overly, but just a little.
I rose feeling great and energetic. I went for a lovely half an hour run. I found a skate park and a weird jungle gym. I would have taken a photo of it but I was already loaded down with my mittens in hand. It was a little rainy, but not enough to send me back inside. Refreshing would be a word of choice.
Back inside I refreshed some more with a shower and some lovely toast and Nutella. You gotta love Nutella. I think it tastes better here. Probably more fresh. Haha.
Pierre surprised Lou and I when he randomly showed up then left with his bike. About an hour later he returned with Marie-Anne.
After lunch Lou, Marie-Anne and I headed to the largest shopping area in all of Southern France. I say area because it was a huge jumble of numerous shopping centers, box stores, a circus, a number of eating establishments and some rec centers. Lou needed shoes and clothes, I did not, but what else was I going to do today? Alissa was still really sick and I barely saw her again.
Walking around from store to store I did not see anything I wished to buy. Which was probably for the best. I did buy a chocolate bar though. My first French chocolate bar; Lion Bar. It was ok. Kinda made me think of an Oh! Henry without the peanuts. And I guess the caramel was more of a nougat. Tasty.
Once we left the last mall, we headed off into the torrential rains to get Lou’s friend, Lola, for a sleepover. The rain was incredible. On the highways where people usually drive 130 in the 110 zone, they were going 40. It was ridiculous. And the parking lots were a mess. I really want to experience snow here. I bet it would be all the chaos they say it is. People and their non-Saskatchewan driving skills.
That leads me to note that I haven’t came across any gravel roads. They’re all paved or bare dirt if it is a small road. Which I find kind of interesting seeing there is so much rock around here.
The rest of the evening was relatively calm. I’d say the biggest upsets were when I had to shuffle Lou and Lola upstairs to start bedding down. Then not five minutes later when Lou came back and demanded that I make Lola’s bed (even though they told me not 5 minutes ago that I was not obliged to come upstairs). Needless to say I am really looking forward to 10:30 when I turn out the lights.
If you are wondering what "Il tombe les cordes" means, it is a French expression for it is heavily raining. Kind of like "it is raining cats and dogs". Not at all similar, but meaning the same thing. Thanks to four years of Mme Collard teaching us french expressions, it has finally paid off. Also, "Quand les poules auront les dents", when chickens have teeth, is the same as "when pigs fly". Funny how these things work.
That was my day.
I took no photos. Too wet to photograph.
Good night!


  1. Lola!! Ahahaha YES.
    I can't wait to hear about it if it snows.. that would be fantastic.
    PS: I'm making a mental list of the stuff I have to tell you when I finally get to write to you. (hint hint) :-P
    <3,, 4FR yo

  2. Word of advice:
    write those down on a paper because you're sure to forget! I make a list of things to blog about in my mind and I can't remember all of them by the time I get around to writing it. Infact, I just remembered one from yesterday's. About the Post. Make sure I write it, kay?