Thursday, November 25, 2010

somebody buy me a map

Time : 9:29 PM

Location : my very own desk in my very own room.

Weather : raining again... no snow :(

Today was very, very promising.

(Ok, we need to note, that I take Lou to school everyday except weekends and Wednesday. Just remember W., I don't like starting the same way everyday; Once Lou was at school . . . )

So, I was going to yoga today. That was the big thing of my day. Finally starting to get something going on other than around here.

I puttered around the house, cleaning and what not until I had to leave. I knew the route perfectly because it was the way to Monday night theatre classes. No way was I going to mess this one up. Now, somebody please tell me how I missed The Exit.

You may have noticed that I capitalized The and Exit. It is because it is The Exit. The Last Exit for many, many kilometres. So many kilometres in fact that I would up in the next town (and somehow not the one I went to on Monday when I got semi-lost coming home form theatre, going in the same direction). So many kilometres that I wound up driving around for an hour and half trying to navigate in an area that is still so foreign and confusing. I really miss living on a grid. I am never going to London.

can you feel my pain?
I was so lost, that I thought I was in another town. So lost that I thought I was in numerous other towns. So lost that I did even know that I was actually right where I wanted to be; in Aix-en-Provence. Most likely 2 minutes away from my destination, but I was too lost to know.

Please don't worry, I am not writing this from an internet cafe somewhere down town in I don't know which town. I made it home.

I was frazzled. Well, not really. But I really, really wanted to go to yoga. And this place looked so promising. Now I have to research more places.

I was discussing French man holes with a certain someone and they thought they were speed bumps. I thought otherwise since I know what French speed bumps look like. They are huge and have their own speed limit to boot. Turns out I was wrong about the non-man-hole-speed-bumps. They are indeed speed bumps. I walked by some today, the ones I always walk by, drive over and run on, and photograph, and I noticed right beside them a couple of man holes. Now this leads me to wonder if that speed bump with its own speed limit is indeed a speed bump. So many things to discover here!

It rained again today.

I really wish it would just drop a couple degrees so it can snow. And then maybe a couple more degrees so the snow stays. I feel like this is asking too much.

Also, I can not remember if I commented on it yesterday, but really, people here need to learn when to wear a parka and when not to. 2C at 8am in the morning is not cold enough to wear a parka. A second jacket, yes. As in a blazer or light coat. But nothing more. Scarves are acceptable. If you question it, it is too much. Rule of thumb learned from band class regarding if your clothing has too much white. Hopefully nobody here is as inclined to denial and band geeks are.

On to the topic of my runs through the hill. I went into the hill (it is just one hill, not many) today, and seeing as I was some how running faster than the previous time, I went farther along the road than before. I came upon something quite odd. Here in France there are signs to tell you when you have entered and left a town/city. All it is is a sign with the name of the town on it (entering) or the same, but with a red bar through the name (exiting) They're quite handy. Anyway, I came across a sign that said LUYNES. A very small sign perked an enormous amount of curiosity. Here I was, far into what I thought was the country (a much inhabited country side might I add) and all of a sudden I was back home! Nonsense! Nonsense not at all actually. I followed it and I wound up back home in five minutes. I was disappointed. I now had to run almost ten minutes out of town and then back so that I would have fulfilled my running desire. It was the weirdest thing.

It kinda of made me think of the Chronicles of Narnia for some reason..

Speaking of books, I am still reading Sophie's World (en francais). I read about a chapter at a time while I try to get Lou to do her homework. It is a nice jog for my mind. Gets it going a bit. I like it. Maybe in a couple days I will be able to make a Comment on it. haha

speed bump with speed limit
And while out for my daily walk, yes, I enjoy fresh air, the air was not all that fresh. In fact, right from the time I left the house I felt as if my lungs were not breathing clean air, and my eyes felt as if the world had gone a bit hazy. I am a very sensitive creature you know. I'll skip to the part where I discover the cause of such a disturbance. Turns out it was an old man burning leaves and what not from his fall gardening. I can't believe he got away with it.

That is all I have to report for today.

I am very much enjoying this new room and having my clothes not in a suitcase anymore. Enjoyment is to the max.

I think I will buy a Pink Floyd CD tomorrow. I need some good music to listen to in the car seeing as I end up spending so much time there.

Peace out world.



  1. Oh, where, oh, where have my ODS direction skills gone? Oh, where, oh, where have they gone?...
    I am really enjoying your daily blogs, even if I don't comment every day. I make sure I read it before I call it quits. Too bad about the yoga. Better luck next time. Too bad about the run...I better stop this or it will have a certain theme running through it if itidoesn't alreay.
    Interesting about the run and the signs though. Weird that the road would curve around so much.

  2. haha no kidding eh
    I dont run with a compass though :P
    I didnt think the road twisted back so far. Oh well..

  3. Love the Narnia reference.
    Because you basically did walk right into another world..
    into the airplane in S'toon/Toronto/etc. And out in France! (welll... almost the same anyways.)
    Also, Pink Floyd = win.
    I got the first album by The Doors on vinyl at The Slugman's swap meet.

  4. NICE!
    I had a dream you sent me what you got at the swap meet (thats a really funny name if you actually think about it, but totally fitting) and it was some kind of tin filled with doodads and candies. and not relevant to the rest of my dream at all hahahaha