Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Time : 12:05 am

Location : my room

Weather : so warm!!

Today was damp. The humidity had me chilled to the bone.

I did the same old same old before class today. One of the only things that I can think of being noted for today is the fact that I was so cold that while I was walking to the bus stop, I realized that I was wearing the same amount of clothes here, in 10C as I had been in Berlin when it was -15C. Some things just don’t make sense.

Evelin had to buy a stamp today. Just one stamp. No big deal. So we headed to the post office in Aix to buy A stamp. We waited around for about six or seven minutes for someone to return to the cash register/checkout area (yes, this was a fairly large post office). Nobody came. Eventually we decided to leave, very unimpressed with how this post office was operating at the time. There were more people tending the Post Office Banking services than there were for the actual post office. That’s when some machines by the exit caught our eyes.

Can you imagine this: a coin operated machine where you can buy a pack of stamps, a single stamp (for anywhere in the world!!) and where you can weigh and pay the postage for a package! It’s like the ultimate of pop machines, but for stamps!
pop machine of a stamp seller

I was pretty impressed once we figured out how to use it, which may or may not have taken a while.

I also found out that I do not HAVE to buy a prepaid box to send my what nots away to other countries. Oh those ladies at the post office here, not telling me whats what…

Class was unusually small today. There were three of us, plus Christine, our present teacher. We really did not do much. Listened to a recorded speech to work on our listening skills. Unfortunately something about the rain and lack of people in class kind of killed any will I had to be able to comprehend what I was listening to at all. Thankfully I don’t think I was alone on that one.

I have to say I think I ended up doing more work at the school that Lou has set up for in the after school hours. I had numerous work sheets to fill out and studied a lot of geography, math and verb conjugations. Apparently I am a B- student, but my geography knowledge is impeccable. I’m not surprised on the latter.

I tried out a new recipe for supper tonight. Nothing fancy, as always, but it was a green bean casserole with a heavy cream and sour cream mix topping and bread crumbs. Marie-Anne simply loved it. I was so surprised, but content as well. It was ok. I think she liked eating sour cream not as a dessert for once. Funny how little things like sour cream can be so different from here to there.
found some real Canadian gold
while at Evelin's

After supper I went over to Evelins just to hang out. I really did not get back this late, I just took a while to getting into my writing mode. Trust me, if I had written right away, you would have gotten a very poorly written entry, with little to no zest. Not that this one has much.


Photos get put in tomorrow.

12:20 am


  1. Automated post office Not that the union here would allow that!!

  2. i can only imagine all the strikes they caused.

  3. I don't think I'll ever get over that sour cream thing..