Thursday, February 10, 2011

thought funnel.

Time : 8:47 pm

Location : kitchen counter

Weather : not cold at all

One morning, while very groggy and thoroughly enjoying the rushed morning affair of getting off to school that I did not (for once) have to participate in, some words came out of my mouth:

Today’s vision is blinded by the everyday.

I don’t know who was more surprised; myself, who was still half asleep or anyone who happened to hear me.

This morning, while enjoying my tea outside, those words came back into my mind. Mainly because I noticed something. For some reason, I had become very aware of this one extremely green bush by the pool. I can’t imagine how many times I have (over)looked this bush, but today, it was all I could see. So green, so leafy, really quite a beautiful bush. I felt kind of bad that I had never taken the time to notice how gorgeous this bush was and began to wonder how many other things my eyes had been missing out on. However, with no tea left and many things to do before Evelin arrived, I did not wonder long.

Evelin and I had planned to have a French study session filled with crepes. Technically the crepes were just really small pancakes, but still delicious (recipe from home, oh yeah) and the study session was me explaining French verbs.

I think my one weakness with French (for the moment) is that I over think my verbs. With all this knowledge swirling in my mind, I try to think about the best way to say or write something. All the rules get jammed up while I try to sift out an actual idea from my head to paper/mouth and so on.

Not to help the fact of this jam session going on in my mind, I think I have a head cold. Quite literally too. I am more than convinced that I am sick, but the only symptoms I can find all come from my head, and no, not just cold symptoms, they are surprisingly not present.

Our class today was on more grammar. And guess what the main focus was? Formulating sentences using articulators. Not easy if you can barely assemble your own thoughts. I was glad to leave for once and get on the ridiculously bumpy ride home.

I was really thirsty.

Afterschool Lou and I worked on some English studying. I swear all I did today was scholarly activities. The evening was cut in an odd way since Marie-Anne came home early thus we ate oddly early. The later cut was when we went to the train station to send her off to Paris. Lou and I got back usually at the time when we’re eating. It was weird. Like we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Thankfully we’re easily entertained people, at times.

This time passed and here I am.

9:04 pm


  1. I love your quote "Today's vision is blinded by the everyday."
    I remember when you blurted it out at breakfast. This is why your blog is so great. You make us notice things in the everyday that we may pass by as we rush on with our lives.
    Thank you for your blog.

  2. I hope you found some water. I'm on coffee #2.

    Spent Saturday afternoon at the library with my French class partner. Wrote four mini conversations between une vendeuse et une madame, each a a different store for items to take on a picnic. We have to present sans papier on Wednesday. Me souhaite bon chance!

  3. You are so very welcome :)
    I found some water, it came from the tap. Who knew!
    Those mini assignments can be the death of you! Maybe I just overthink them and try to use too many new words. aiia haha Bonne Chance a toi!

  4. ".... I'm gonna go to class now" -DaveP

  5. some things are not meant to be read.